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Flight Paris – Toronto. Blood below deck and the smell of excrement. CNN coverage

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A passenger on a Paris-Toronto flight noticed an unpleasant odor shortly after take-off and noticed blood on his socks. From the crew, he learned that the person who had previously taken his place had a hemorrhage. The man told CNN about his experiences during the flight.

Habib Battah, a journalist from Beirut, told CNN about the situation that happened to him on board the plane flying from Paris to Toronto on June 30 in an interview published on the American station’s portal on Thursday. As he admitted, right after the start he took off his shoes and noticed that he had blood on his socks. But the smell reminded him of feces. The couple traveled with cats, so the man was initially convinced that the smell was caused by his pets, who had never traveled on an airplane before.

When he crouched down to check where the smell was coming from, he noticed that the cats were clean, but there was a stain in front of their carrier. The journalist stopped a passing stewardess and asked her for wet wipes – I started wiping (the floor – ed.) and subsequent wipes became red – he reported in an interview with CNN. The flight attendant instructed Battah to wash his hands, then alerted other crew members. They found out that there was human blood on the floor. The journalist heard from one of the stewards that the passenger who had previously taken his seat had “haemorrhage”.

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Blood on the plane. The carrier issues a statement

Air France said in a statement to CNN that the stain on the floor “appeared to be blood mixed with feces”, indicating that one passenger “felt unwell” on a June 29 flight from Paris to Boston and received medical care after landing in the US United States. “In accordance with the procedure used in situations of this type, a complete clearing of the seat was requested and access to the row of seats was denied on the return flight,” the French carrier said. At the same time, he added that during the flight from Paris to Toronto, Battah was provided with sterile gloves and disinfectant wipes to help clean his belongings. The communiqué further explained that the journalist and his partner could not transfer because all the seats on board were occupied.

Air France aircraft (illustration photo)Shutterstock

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Doctor: “It’s very unhygienic”

Travel medicine doctor Dr Richard Dawood of London’s Fleet Street Clinic told CNN that the stain left on the plane’s floor could pose a health risk to passengers. “It’s very unsanitary and we don’t know what the passenger was suffering from,” he said, referring to blood-borne infections. He also pointed out that when cleaning the floor in the presence of passengers, fecal particles spreading in the air could be dangerous to health.

Battah, who is currently in contact with lawyers, told the US station that the airline offered him a cat wash and a $500 flight voucher. He rejected the offer. – I don’t think that’s right. I think it was a serious biohazard and should be thoroughly investigated,” he told CNN, adding that the airline should thoroughly clean the plane as soon as it landed in Boston.

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