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Flood alarm in Żagań County. There are hydrological warnings

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The water level in Polish rivers increases after rainfall and snowmelt. IMWM issued third and second degree hydrological warnings. A flood alarm is in force in the Żagań district.

A flood alarm is in force in Żagań County (Lubusz Voivodeship) due to the exceedance of the alarm level in the Bóbr River.

– The alarm occurs in five communes – said Iwona Hryniewiecka from the District Office in Żagań. The alarm occurs in: the urban commune of Żagań, the rural commune of Żagań, as well as in the communes of Szprotawa, Małomice and Iłowa. Hryniewiecka added that the situation was starting to stabilize. – Discharges are made at the dam in Pilchowice – she said. She emphasized that the district is prepared for local flooding and the threat is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Flood alarm in Żagań CountyTVN24

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued hydrological warnings.

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IMWM alerts of the third degree

Hydrological alarms of the third, highest degree, apply in the following voivodeships:

  • Lubuskie (concerning the Bóbr River);
  • Lower Silesia (applies to the catchment areas of Barycz excluding Orla and Polskie Rów, Widawa and Odra Brzeg Dolny to the mouth of the Barycz River);
  • Greater Poland (applies to the Orla and Widawa catchments);
  • Opole province (applies to the Widawa catchment area).

Due to the ongoing rainfall and meltwater flow, further increases in water levels in the zone above the alarm levels are expected. Water levels may fluctuate in sections due to the operation of hydrotechnical devices.

The warnings will be in force until 13 on Friday.

IMWM alerts of the second degree

Orange alerts were issued in the following voivodeships:

  • Lubuskie (applies to Obra, Lower Warta from the Noteć to its estuary);
  • Masovian Voivodeship (applies to the Pilica catchment area from Zb. Sulejów);
  • West Pomeranian Voivodeship (applies to the Parsęta catchment area from Radew to the mouth);
  • Pomeranian (applies to catchment areas Redy and Łeba);
  • Świętokrzyskie (applies to the section of the Nida from the mouth of Czarna Nida to the mouth of Vistula);
  • Lublin Province (applies to the section of the Bug River to the mouth of the Uherka River).

Due to rainwater runoff, the water level is forecast to increase, with the possibility of exceeding the warning level.

The warnings will be in force until 7.30 or 12 on Friday.

IMWM hydrological warningsIMWM

What is a third degree hydrological alert?

A level three warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above alarm levels.”

What is a second stage hydrological alert?

A level two warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above warning levels but below alarm levels.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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