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Flooded basements and access roads to houses. Flooding in Poland

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IMWM warns against rising waters and flooding. In some places, alerts of the third, highest level are in effect. The high water level on the Warta River is affecting the inhabitants of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. Flooding was also reported in Podkarpacie, Silesia and Lesser Poland. Only the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship is free from hydrological warnings.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management reported that on Tuesday morning the vast majority of Polish rivers were in the high water zone. Alarm levels were exceeded at 15 water gauge stations, and warning levels were exceeded at 116.

“Flooded basements and access roads to houses”

On Monday, there were floods in the towns of Studzionka and Przemysław in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. As Tomasz Trawiński, the village head of Studzionka, explained in an interview with TVN24, similar flooding occurs there from time to time. The town is located on the Warta River, near the flood embankments, but on the other side of the river the drainage ditches are neglected and the water flows into the meadows.

– The higher the water level in the Warta River, the greater the problems residents have with their fields, flooded basements and access roads to their homes – he explained. In an interview with TVN24, residents of both towns emphasized that flooding made it impossible to conduct agricultural activities.

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Warta floods towns in the province. LubuskieTVN24

On Tuesday morning, the situation was also difficult in other regions. Over the past 24 hours, firefighters in the Silesian Voivodeship recorded 333 interventions regarding the atmospheric and hydrological situation. As many as 231 trips concerned pumping out water after flooding. Firefighters from Podkarpacie also had their hands full, where it was necessary to remove water from several flooded basements and properties.

Due to the high water level on the Dunajec River, ferry services in Otfinów and Siedliszowice in Tarnów County (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) have been suspended until further notice. There were floods in Zielonki near Krakow on Monday, and the Commune Office informed about convening a crisis team.

IMWM hydrological alerts

On Tuesday, hydrological alerts of the third and second degree were in force in Poland. The most serious warnings about floods exceeding the alarm levels concerned the following voivodeships: Silesian (Bierawki and Brynica), Opole province (Stobrawy), Lower Silesia (Widawa and Barycz) and Greater Poland (Aquiline).

Hydrological warningsIMWM

What is a third degree hydrological alert?

A level three warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above alarm levels.”

What is a second stage hydrological alert?

A level two warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above warning levels but below alarm levels.”

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Main photo source: IMWM, TVN24

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