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Flooded streets and fallen trees. Storms pass over Poland

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Thunderstorms moved over Poland on Thursday. By 7 p.m., firefighters carried out 745 interventions related to bad weather. Streets were flooded in many cities, including Łódź and Kalisz. Strong winds toppled and broke trees, and there were hailstorms in some places.

On Thursday they passed over Poland storms. It was valid in some regions RCB alert and IMWM meteorological warnings first and second degree.

On Thursday, until 7 p.m., firefighters recorded 745 incidents related to removing the effects of strong winds and flooding of buildings and streets – said the spokesman for the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brig. Karol Kierzkowski. The most events were recorded in the following voivodeships: Łódź Province – 332, Greater Poland Province – 102, Silesian Province – 97, Lesser Poland Province – 88.

Broken trees in Western Pomerania

– As of 8 p.m., over 160 events related to weather conditions were recorded, mainly pumping water from buildings and removing fallen branches. There are no injuries – said Junior Brig. Tomasz Kubiak, press spokesman for the provincial commander of the State Fire Service in Szczecin.

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After hours 19, there were traffic jams on Szczecin's Right Bank. Struga and Gryfińska after heavy rainfall flooded the road under the railway viaduct. Cars could only arrive in the far left lane. Traffic on the main route out of the city was significantly slowed down.

The Provincial Crisis Management Center reported that in many towns in the region, firefighters are removing broken branches and tree limbs from the roads. Cutting and cleaning branches includes, among others: on several streets in the center of Szczecin.


Storm in Szczecin

“The film shows how a powerful element passed over Szczecin on June 27th at around 7-8 p.m. The seals in the new windows were not able to stop such a large amount of rain. The parking lot was flooded, the streets, probably the basements, and the underground parking lots too. The storm ended with hail,” said the author of the recording.

On Małopolska Street, broken branches fell onto the sidewalk, and in another part of the city, the storm knocked down a huge poplar. Hail also fell in the evening.

The storm knocked down a huge poplar tree in Szczecin
The storm knocked down a huge poplar tree in Szczecin

Broken branches on the sidewalk in SzczecinIza

A storm in Szczecin in the Bukowe housing estateJakub Zakrzewski

Storms in the Lodz Region

Until 5.30 p.m. Łódź firefighters received almost 300 calls from the region, including approx. 160 from Łódź. The next hour brought almost a hundred more calls. Outside of Łódź, rescuers had the most work in the following counties: Pabianice, Poddębice, Bełchatów, Piotrków and Sieradz.

– The firefighters are constantly driving around, responding to new calls. These are mainly broken branches and trees. There are cases of parked cars being destroyed by falling branches, as well as properties being flooded by incoming water. Fortunately, we have no information about any injured people – said Brigadier Jędrzej Pawlak, spokesman for the Łódź provincial commander of the State Fire Service in Łódź.

The downpours took their toll on the residents of Łódź. Kilińskiego Street was underwater, with a deep puddle appearing on the roadway and sidewalk. Pedestrians and cyclists waded through the water to cross the flooded section. This feat was not successful for one of the drivers, who got stuck in the water and had his car towed away. Many residents had prepared well for the downpour.

– I received an alert on my phone – said one of the city's residents in a conversation with TVN24 reporters.

At Kontakt 24 we received recordings of the storm that rolled over Łódź around 4:30 p.m.

Storm in Lodz
Downpour in Lodz

Jędrzej Pawlak added that the number of reports will certainly increase. First, firefighters go to places where human life may be at risk. Currently, several hundred firefighters from state and volunteer fire departments are working in the province to remove the effects of the storm.

Difficulties in Upper Silesia

As reported by the officer on duty at the Commander's Office of the Provincial Commander at around 4:30 p.m. Silesia, in connection with the storms passing over Poland, the services received 52 reports, most of them in the Kłobuck district (33) and in the Częstochowa district (15).

In the Kłobuck district, the reports mainly concern fallen trees and the removal of branches – such an event occurred in the town of Truskolasy. In the Częstochowa district, these are mostly flooded properties and basements. In the town of Rzerzęczyce, part of the roof was damaged.

Fallen trees in Truskolasy (Silesian Voivodeship)Storm Observer Network Reporting System User, Dawid0065

In Aleksandrów, a tree fell on the tracks and severed the electric traction. As a result of this incident, an express train from KolobrzegCracow, which carried approximately 160 passengers, including approximately 10 people with limited physical abilities. Firefighters from the State Fire Service and the Volunteer Fire Department helped the passengers transfer to buses provided by PKP (several hundred meters away). 25 firefighters and 6 cars were on site.

Flooding in Greater Poland

Dangerous phenomena also occurred in Greater Poland. Between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m., Kalisz firefighters recorded 38 incidents related to heavy rainfall. Interventions, as said by the guard spokesman, Junior Asp. Jakub Pietrzak, concerned flooded streets, basements, properties, parking lots and broken tree branches.

A dangerous incident occurred on Zgodna Street. There, water washed away the street, causing the ground to collapse under a parked car. Firefighters closed the street to traffic. Pietrzak added that calls to the fire department are still coming in, and he appealed to residents to be careful and not leave their homes.

Flooded streets in Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship)
Flooding in Kalisz after the storm

Flooding in Kalisz after the stormMarek Radziszewski

In the afternoon, a downpour passed over Kościelna Wieś (Pleszew district). As a result, several properties were flooded. 22 fire brigades were sent to the site, which pumped out water and helped to build sand banks so that the water flowing down the street would not flow onto the properties.

Flooding in Kościelna Wieś

Flooding in Kościelna WieśMarek Radziszewski

tvnmeteo.pl, TVN24, Kontakt 24, PAP

Main photo source: Rm/Kontakt 24

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