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Floods in Slovenia. An account of a Pole staying there on vacation

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Slovenia has recently been hit by heavy rainfall, which has led to catastrophic flooding. At Kontakt 24 we received materials on Tuesday showing the situation in Črna na Koroškem. – There was no electricity, no drinking water, we bathed in rainwater – told Reporter 24 Mr. Zygmunt.

Slovenia is struggling with the effects of the violent floods that have hit the country in recent days. Prime Minister Robert Golob said on Saturday that the country faced the “biggest natural disaster” in its history.

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Floods in Slovenia. “There was no electricity, no drinking water, we bathed in rainwater”

The editors of Kontakt 24 were contacted by Mr. Zygmunt, who went to Slovenia for a holiday. Due to flooding, he got stuck in the village of Črna na Koroškem in the northern part of the country, although he had originally planned only a short stay there.

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– We arrived in Slovenia the evening before this tragedy. We were going on vacation, we were supposed to stay one night in Črna na Koroškem. In the night, I was awakened by the terrible noise of a rushing stream. For two days we couldn’t leave the house because water poured in from every side. There was no electricity, no drinking water, we bathed in rainwater. It’s a mountainous area, after a few days the water began to subside, we went out and saw a landscape of despair – the man said.

He was involved in helping the people

He added that he immediately began to help local residents. – Now I understand what each pair of hands to work means. We are in the flood center and we participate in relief and cleaning actions. There is no way back home in sight yet.

“In people, we see fear, but also solidarity,” he added.

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