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Florida. Record-long Burmese python. It was almost 6 meters long

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The record-long Burmese python was captured in Florida. The animal was nearly 5.8 meters long and weighed almost 57 kilograms. These snakes are an invasive species on the American continent and pose a significant threat to local species.

A Burmese python was captured in Florida (Python molurus bivittatus) with a length of 5.79 meters. The individual was found on Monday in the Big Cypress Reserve, near Miami.

He weighed almost 57 kilograms

The huge snake was captured by python hunters from Florida. Weighing nearly 57 kilograms, the animal was donated to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, an environmental organization that studies Burmese pythons. According to its representatives, it was the longest representative of this species ever caught in this American state.

‘We were convinced these snakes could grow to this size, and now we have proof,’ said biologist Ian Easterling from the organisation. “Its genetic material could help us better understand the population that gave rise to the Florida snakes.” We will collect data and samples that will be passed on to our research associates.

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This is not the only giant representative of this species that appeared in Florida. In 2020, a Burmese python measuring 5.71 meters was captured there.

Record-long python from FloridaCourtesy of Conservancy of Southwest Florida

A highly invasive species

The record-breaking large snake was captured during an expedition to catch the highly invasive Burmese pythons. This species was brought to the American continent from Southeast Asia at the end of the last century.

These snakes feel very comfortable in the vast subtropical wetlands of south Florida, but their reproduction is not good news at all. As they have no natural predators in this ecosystem, their population increased rapidly, posing a threat to local reptiles, birds and mammals.

The record-long Florida python and its finderCourtesy of Conservancy of Southwest Florida

PAP, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Main photo source: Conservancy of Southwest Florida

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