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Florida. She was on the boat, heard her husband scream and called for help. The man was attacked by a shark

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A shark attacked a kitesurfer in Florida. The animal bit the leg of a resident of Florida, and the man’s scream was so loud that it alerted his wife.

A resident of the city of Key West, Florida, went on a Saturday kitesurfing session. According to the 67-year-old’s wife, the man swam out to sea for a distance of about 9.5 kilometers while she was resting on the boat. At one point, the woman heard her husband scream. She immediately swam in the direction of the sound, then hauled him aboard and called for help.

A team of lifeguards was waiting for the man on the shore. Medics estimated that the wound on the 67-year-old’s calf looked like a shark bite. After providing first aid on the spot, the Florida resident was transported to the hospital.

The fifth such case

There have been a total of five shark attacks in the Key West region in the last 12 months. Mahmood Shivji of Nova University in Florida told the Miami Herald that the number of bites is negligible compared to the number of people swimming in the Gulf of Mexico each day.

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“Daily car journeys are more dangerous than swimming in the ocean,” he added.

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