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Florida. They fished a three-meter crocodile from the pool [WIDEO]

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A 3-meter crocodile swam in a backyard pool in Islamorada, Florida. The services struggled with the reptile for a long time to pull it out.

Local media reported that emergency services were called to a home in Islamorada, Florida Keys, on Sunday night after owners spotted a crocodile in their swimming pool.

Catching a three-meter reptile was not easy. The video provided by the Pesky Critters Animal Control organization shows how its employees struggled with a dangerous animal. Finally managed to tame them and pull them out of the water.

The reptile was transferred to an open tank and released into the wild.

They can reach up to four meters

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The American crocodile is one of two species of crocodiles found in the United States. They can only be found in South Florida. The body length of males living in the wild usually does not exceed four meters. Females are smaller, reaching from about 2.5 to about 3.5 meters.

Main photo source: Reuters/TMX/Pesky Critters Wildfire Control – Allyson Weiland

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