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Florida, USA. A waterspout burst ashore and swept away the tents [Nagranie]

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A waterspout made landfall in Clearwater Beach, Florida. The wind accompanying the phenomenon was so strong that it swept beach tents with it and forced tourists to flee. Two people were injured.

Waterspouts are a common occurrence along the Florida coast, however, when they go from the ocean to the beach, they are quite rare. Such a case was recorded in Florida.

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The wind lifted the tents

A waterspout appeared near the Clearwater Beach resort in Florida on Friday. Recordings of the raging element circulated on social media. They show how the water vortex moves from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico towards the land, raising tents and objects belonging to sunbathers behind it.

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Local police reported two injured people – tourists from Kansas. They sustained minor injuries from flying debris from various objects.

Waterspout. How is it different from a whirlwind

A waterspout is much weaker than a whirlwind. To a large extent, it is transparent, so in the initial phase it can be seen only thanks to the trace it leaves on the surface of the water. Most of them disintegrate upon reaching land without causing any damage.

On Friday, the Tampa Bay branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) warned beachgoers of the risk of storm with lightning, hail and waterspouts and tornadoes.

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Main photo source: Reuters/Dr. Mike & Danielle Tarjoman

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