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Florida, USA. Alligator in the storm drain [Nagranie]

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A scene from a horror movie unfolded in Florida. Public works workers let a robotic camera into the storm drain. They were shocked when they saw two small glowing eyes in her lens. Turns out they belonged to an alligator. The reptile was about 1.5 meters long.

The sight of a pair of small, glowing eyes in a dark, cramped room can scare many, even if you only see them on the recording. Such was the experience of public works workers in the city of Oviedo, Florida. They initially thought they saw a toad through the camera lens. As it turned out, there was a large reptile in the storm drain.

Alligator in the storm drain

“Initially, the video shows two small, glowing eyes,” the city government wrote on Facebook. “When the animal turned around, we saw the alligator’s long tail. The camera followed the reptile. In the video, you can see how it covered a few meters and got stuck, and the alligator escaped” – they added.

There was an alligator in the storm drainReuters

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The alligator was over a meter long

The alligator was about 1.5 meters long. He was captured on video by a robotic camera moving on four wheels. The equipment is used to investigate any anomalies under the roadway, such as leaks and cracks.

The robot surprised the alligator. The video shows how the device tries to reverse, then turns and goes in the opposite direction. The incident happened on May 5.

According to local authorities, the reptile entered the pipe through a pond collecting storm water.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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