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Flu. Dr. Lidia Stopyra: The number of patients is growing. We provide beds

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We have a flu epidemic. We provide beds in the ward. At the same time, despite appeals that have been going on since September, interest in vaccinations is only now increasing, said Dr. Lidia Stopyra, pediatrician and infectious disease specialist at Żeromski Hospital in Krakow.

We’ve got a flu epidemic. RSV is calming down – the worst was 2-3 weeks ago. Now kids are coming with the flu. When it comes to COVID-19 – we have individual cases – told PAP the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics at the Żeromski Hospital in Krakow.

As she said, the number of flu patients is increasing. This ward has 30 beds, but there are 41 patients, 24 of whom are flu patients. – We provide beds. Parents complain that it is cramped, but we have no other options – said the pediatrician.

In her opinion, this season there has been an accumulation of the number of children with infections, but not because they lost their immunity during the pandemic restrictions, but because they did not get infected a year and two ago. Nurseries, kindergartens and schools were closed. A year, two years ago, the children did not get sick. At this point, the age groups of children who went to kindergarten for the first time converged – explained Lidia Stopyra, adding that children most often in kindergarten are infected with viruses for the first time, and such first infections in their lives have the most severe course.

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A tough fight against the fluTVN24

Dr. Stopra: we expected a flu epidemic, we appealed for vaccination

She pointed out that vaccines can protect against infection or a severe course of the disease. In Poland, however, she noted, flu vaccination coverage was “always dramatically low.”

According to information from the Ministry of Health on December 27, about 700,000 people – about 2 percent of the population – have been vaccinated against the flu. More than 2 million Poles have fallen ill since September.

Specialist Hospital Since September, the Stefan Żeromski Center has been conducting free flu vaccinations for children from 6 months to 5 years of age. The city’s program assumed the administration of over a thousand doses.

– Despite appeals lasting from September, there was no interest. Only about 200 out of over a thousand doses have been used. In the last two days, however, we have seen an increased number of inquiries about vaccinations, said Dr. Stopyra. Only about 460 children received the flu vaccine at the hospital during the whole year.

– We appealed because we foresaw the situation like now. We did not threaten with the flu, but we expected an epidemic – emphasized the doctor.

Flu wave.  Kraska about the proposed changes

Flu wave. Kraska about the proposed changesTVN24

In her opinion, the number of flu cases is much higher than the official statistics. This is due to the fact that not every sick person goes to the doctor, not all infections are reported.

– With the number of about 700,000 vaccinated, the peak of the epidemic is rather ahead of us. If there are several million patients and one person infects several others, and the incubation period of the disease usually lasts 2-3 days, theoretically up to 7 days, then I think that there will be increases in cases for another 2-3 weeks, then the disease should be suppressed the pediatrician said.

Flu symptoms

In addition to vaccines, isolation can prevent the spread of the virus. – It is important that from the first symptoms of the disease, i.e. feeling unwell, the child does not go to school. The flu spreads quickly, the doctor pointed out.

Influenza is accompanied by high fever, muscle pain, headaches, often with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection – runny nose, cough.

The Żeromski Hospital in Krakow carries out vaccinations in building H, os. na Skarpie 66. The telephone number for registration and information 734 218 445 is open from Monday to Friday, 8-12. A doctor will examine children before they are vaccinated.

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