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Flu in Poland 2023. Still a very high number of cases, 71 people died in January

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In January, over 980,000 deaths were recorded in Poland. cases of influenza and its suspicions, according to the data of the National Institute of Public Health NIH – National Research Institute. A total of 71 people died of the flu, including a small child.

The flu season is still going on. According to the data provided by the National Institute of Public Health, NIH-PIB, 980,959 flu infections or suspected infections were recorded throughout January, which is slightly less than in December 2022, when there were over 1,139,000. In the first week of January, there were 306,637 cases of influenza and its suspicionsin the second – 252,837, in the third – 194,336, and in the last – 227,149.

A total of 71 people died from the flu. Mostly people over 65 died, but there were also deaths in the 15-64 age group: three cases in the second week of January in the province of Greater Poland, one case each in the third week of January from the province Greater Poland, Silesia and Subcarpathia and in the last week of January two cases from the province. Wielkopolskie and one of the provinces Lublin. In the last week of January, a child from the 0-4 age group, from the province, also died of flu. warmińsko-mazurskie.

In the first week of January, 2,891 hospitalizations were issued due to influenza and its suspicions, in the second – 2,387, in the third – 1,511, and in the last – 1,697.

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Flu symptoms

Typically, the flu comes on suddenly and causes a high fever. It manifests itself with muscle, joint and headache pain. Unlike colds, flu rarely causes a runny nose, and is more characterized by a dry, tiring cough. Influenza can also be asymptomatic or with minor symptoms. It occurs throughout the year, with varying intensity in particular periods.

At the beginning of January The Council of Experts of the Supreme Medical Council, in connection with the growing number of viral respiratory infections, recommended universal vaccination against influenzawhich are “the only recognized method of disease prevention. – We should vaccinate all adults, we should vaccinate children from the age of 6 and pregnant women – said member of the council Prof. Ewa Barcz. It was also recommended, among others, to update vaccinations against COVID-19, which can protect against complications related to the simultaneous illness of influenza and SARS Cov-2, as well as compliance with the rules of social isolation in the event of symptoms of the disease.

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