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Flu in Poland – epidemic, how many cases? Number of cases in the first week of January

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Seven people died in Poland from the flu from January 1 to January 7. All of them were over 65 years old, according to the latest epidemiological data. In the first week of 2023, 306,637 cases of influenza and its suspicions were recorded in Poland. For this reason, 2,891 hospital referrals were issued.

Throughout December 2022, more than 139,000 cases of influenza and its suspicions were recorded in Poland, and about 490,000 throughout November.

Flu – symptoms

The flu usually strikes suddenly and often causes a high fever. It manifests itself with muscle, joint and headache pain. Unlike colds, flu rarely causes a runny nose, more characteristic of it is a dry, tiring cough. Influenza can also be asymptomatic or with minor symptoms. It occurs throughout the year, with varying intensity in particular periods.

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The influenza epidemic coincided with RSV i COVID-19. January 5, Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski signed an ordinance that combo tests, i.e. three-in-one tests, have become guaranteed benefits in Primary Health Care. This means that they can be financed by National health Fund.

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On Thursday on Polish Radio 24 Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska said that many infections are still being detected among children. – However, recent research has shown that if previously half of the cases in Poland were people under the age of 14, then in the latest data we have received, it is only one third. I think that this holiday break, i.e. children not going to school, is conducive to the fact that the number of infections among the youngest should decrease – he reserved.

He noted that just a few weeks ago, the RSV virus was mainly responsible for children’s infections, and now these patients most often suffer from influenza. – In the statistics, we see that 15 percent of cases are influenza, and 10 percent – RSV. But still quite a lot of young people get sick, Kraska admitted.

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