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Flu vaccines free for several groups. Draft ordinance of the minister of health

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Free flu vaccinations in the 2021/2022 season, among others, for medical staff, selected patient groups and people over 75 – these are the assumptions presented by the Minister of Health in the draft regulation.

The free influenza vaccination program is to cover, inter alia, people employed in healthcare entities, pharmacists, laboratory diagnosticians, academic teachers, selected groups of doctoral students and students, officers of specific services, employees and residents of social welfare homes, as well as selected groups of patients and people born no later than 1946.

The draft regulation in this matter appeared on Friday on the website of the Government Legislation Center and was submitted for public consultation.

Influenza vaccinations are to be financed from public funds dedicated and secured from the COVID-19 Prevention Fund, which is at the disposal of the ministry.


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Flu – almost four million Poles fell ill

The National Institute of Public Health of the National Institute of Hygiene – National Research Institute reported that in the 2019/2020 season, in the period from the beginning of September 2019 to mid-July 2020, 3 873 136 people fell ill with influenza and flu-like infections, and 17 317 people were hospitalized due to influenza and its complications . 65 people died (the deaths mainly concerned people over 65). The aim of vaccinations is to reduce flu cases and significantly reduce the risk of exposure to severe disease, emphasizes the Ministry of Health.

Estimated number of doses of influenza vaccines sold in Poland in the seasons 2012/2013 – 2019/2020 and the level of vaccination against influenza in the populationOPZG / PZH / Konkret 24

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