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Following, intimidation, lack of access to case files. MP Magdalena Filiks is going through hell

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“I wish other people did not live in a country where a child’s body is deliberately not shown to its mother until it is no longer suitable for saying goodbye,” writes MP Magdalena Filiks on the Internet and reveals the dramatic behind-the-scenes of her clash with the PiS state apparatus. After her son’s suicide, she had no access to the prosecutor’s case files, her daughters were harassed, and one of them was summoned for questioning, where she was asked whether she had ever had an abortion.

MP Magdalena Filiks, 10 months after the suicide of her son, hounded by the public media, which revealed that he was the victim of a pedophile, discovers what happened to her from the Polish state – the prosecutor’s office and the police. How she wasn’t allowed to grieve.

– It’s really living in trauma, in daily fear of what they will do to my daughters, what they will write about us. There are days when it just seemed unbearable. These publications, these blackmails, meant that we could not function. There was a period when I had to take the girls out of Poland because those strips on TVP and articles about us meant that they were unable to get up, get dressed or leave the house for many days because they were simply afraid, admits the MP.

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She remained silent because she wanted to protect her daughters, but just before Christmas, the Szczecin prosecutor’s office summoned one of them for questioning. According to the MP, the prosecutor asked questions about whether she had ever had an abortion or whether someone had encouraged her to do so. – She left the prosecutor’s office and was vomiting from nerves – adds Filiks.

Two years after the pedophile was convicted, public media revealed data that could have identified his victim. The boy committed suicide. – He actually experienced horror every day. He started the day by checking what else was written about him in the media, says Magdalena Filiks.

Behind the scenes of the case

The MP described the actions of the prosecutor’s office and the police against her family on the Internet. She writes and talks about being followed, intimidated, hated, extracting cases from divorce files, harassing her daughters and her mother, destroying her family and lack of access to case files.

She herself was denied seeing her son’s body for so long that, as she says, it was almost impossible to say goodbye to. – I knew I wanted to see my child and say goodbye to her, but the fact that it took so long was so difficult for me and the girls, that’s why they couldn’t go there, because I knew I could try and they couldn’t. to allow after such a long time. They couldn’t say goodbye to their brother either, the MP admits.

– We have all been shocked by this case for many months. Magda Filiks experienced the greatest tragedy that could happen to a mother – comments Bartosz Arłukowicz, MP from the Civic Coalition. – These things sound very bad and I would like the new authorities to explain what happened – adds Adrian Zandberg, MP from the Left.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has already asked the Minister of Internal Affairs responsible for the police and the Prosecutor General for maximum information and to focus on this case. – It has many dimensions: moral, human, but also political and legal – Tusk points out.

Tusk on the matter of MP Filiks: I asked the Minister of Justice that it would be a matter of hours, days at mostTVN24

PiS responds

During the PiS government, Zbigniew Ziobro was the prosecutor general. The investigation lasted almost nine months under his supervision. – The prosecutor’s office is still not interested in the perpetrators of this attack. None of these so-called journalists and none of the prosecutors, because they were probably the source of the leaks that made this hounding operation possible, are of interest to the prosecutor’s office. However, such an object is the mother, the Prime Minister points out.

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PiS has nothing to reproach itself in this matter, although current MPs of this party were among those who shared information about the MP’s son. – Law and Justice has nothing to do with it, and I will not enter into a media polemic with a mourning mother – comments Radosław Fogiel, Law and Justice MP. – I have no knowledge. The prosecutor’s office is conducting its own proceedings, says Michał Wójcik, MP from Sovereign Poland.

– The entire investigation was aimed at defending the people who shared my son’s data, to clear these people, and that is exactly why this investigation is being conducted, to slander me – says Filiks. The MP has only one wish: to finally leave her and her family alone.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here you will find a list of organizations offering professional help. In a situation of immediate threat to life, call 997 or 112.

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