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Football juniors for winning the Polish championship received 10 times less money than juniors

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Isn’t it too much in football? It turns out that for some, however, it is not enough. For winning the Polish Championship, juniors received 100,000, and juniors 10,000. What went wrong?

In sport, the principle of fair play should be in the first place. In this case, she missed it. Not the players fault. – There is a note of bitterness that we are not appreciated as much as the boys – says Sonia Rudolf from the “Diamonds Academy” Football Academy. The players of the Warsaw “Diamonds Academy” were very successful. They won the Central Junior League up to the age of 15, which simply means that they became Polish champions. As a reward, they received PLN 10,000.

A few days later, the boys were fighting for the title of Polish champions. The winning team received PLN 100,000. – Girls, and I think that boys too, do not play for money, but the injustice we see in the amount of the amount written on the big check, well, somehow makes you think – emphasizes Julita Rudolf, Sonia’s mother.

We hear from the players’ parents that girls not only devote as much or more time to training as boys, go to training and competitions, but also face comments that they probably do not hear. We train four times a week. Just like most of the top boys’ clubs – argues Sonia Rudolf. In response to questions, PZPN declares that “the pool of prizes for the winners of the Central Junior Leagues will increase in the next season”. – We do a lot to change these disproportions, and in many areas of women’s football. Everything is going in the right direction, but it is impossible to change everything at once – notes Aleksandra Kostrzewska from PZPN.

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Strategy and reality

The amount of prizes in the Central League of Juniors and Women is determined in the resolution of the board of the Polish Football Association, which consists of men only. The clear gap is not only for the first place. The runners-up get 5,000 zlotys, and the runners-up ten times more. – Certainly, this disproportion does not show that in sport we follow the spirit of, for example, the theories and ideas of the IOC, where there are parities, where we introduce this gender equality – believes Milena Lachowicz, a sports psychologist.

In February 2023, PZPN even adopted a women’s football strategy for the coming years. – Declarations are on their way, and reality is on its way. And I think that this situation with the size of the prizes shows us that we still have some stereotypes about the physical activity of boys and girls that are very deeply rooted – says Dr. Natalia Organista from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. All this at a time when the world has never talked so much about gender equality in sport.

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