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For Kiev a peredyshka, for Putin a report

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's visit to Kiev was a gesture that was undoubtedly intended to improve his image within the European Union. But the message he sent from Ukraine was precisely Putin's message – said Jerzy Marek Nowakowski, president of the Euro-Atlantic Association, former ambassador to Latvia and Armenia, in “Fakty po Faktach”. Marek Ostrowski, a journalist for the weekly “Polityka” said that Orban was clearly harming the cause of Europe.

Prime Minister of Hungary arrived in Moscow on Fridaythree days after his visit to Kiev. He claims that his “peace mission” was aimed at learning the positions of the warring parties. At an open meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Orban said he wanted to discuss “important issues for Europe” with him. “Hungary will slowly become the last European country that can talk to everyone,” Orban said during the meeting. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the conversation included Ukraine. Putin said he was ready to discuss the “nuances” of peace proposals in order to end the war.

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Hungary's allies criticize Orban's initiative, denying him the right to represent the entire European Union, of which Hungary holds the six-month presidency.

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“It was a completely deliberate and conscious gesture”

According to Jerzy Marek Nowakowski, the Hungarian Prime Minister's visit to Kiev “was a gesture that was undoubtedly intended to improve Orban's image within the EU”. – Here you go, the first trip as the presidency, we're going to Kiev. But when news from Kiev started to arrive, it wasn't so good, because in fact Orban's message was exactly Putin's message – said the guest of “Fakty po Faktach”.

– He demanded that Ukraine unilaterally organize a ceasefire, in other words, the Russians would probably buy it. It was probably agreed with Putin. The Russians are staying in their positions, they have 20 percent of the territory of Ukraine, they have something that is nicely called peredyshka in Russian, a moment to gather strength, to take a breather, and they are not promising anything – said Nowakowski.

In his opinion, Orban went to Moscow to “report to Putin on the talks in Kiev”. According to him, “it was a completely deliberate and conscious gesture”. – Please look on the Internet, how trolls from Russian farms comment on this, there are hundreds of such comments – this is a true statesman, the only one who can reach an agreement with both sides – he noted.


Nowakowski said that “Orban's trip to Moscow was unequivocally assessed by the EU leaders and this is a clear signal that he went there on behalf of Hungary, not the EU”. – Orban, unfortunately, can act in favor of Putin, in favor of his main goal. Because his main goal towards the EU and NATO is to dismantle, disintegrate, weaken. The Russians have never wanted to talk to the EU as a whole, only with individual countries. This type of policy of Orban serves this purpose – he argued.

Ostrowski: Orban is clearly harming the cause of Europe

– For me, the discussion about Orban himself is not as important as the discussion about the European Union in general – said Marek Ostrowski from “Polityka”. – How can such a guy represent, or rather not represent, but be in the Union at all – he wondered.

In his opinion, Viktor Orban's behavior “is proof that common EU policy is very important”. – His behavior is an argument in favor of striving for a closer Union – he stated. – If the Union were closer, he would not be able to go to Moscow – he added.

According to him, the European People's Party – the largest faction in the European Parliament, which until recently included the Fidesz party – was too “cozy” with Orb├ín, who in his opinion “clearly harms the cause of Europe”.

Nowakowski: This will be a very difficult situation for the democrats

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” also discussed the political situation in the US, where voices are increasingly being heard that 81-year-old Joe Biden should withdraw from the race for the White House – for the good of the party and the country. In Friday's interview, the Democrat running for re-election said: – I would only resign if God Almighty came down and told me I have no chance of winning against Trump.

– The Democratic Party is increasingly convinced that it is not a good idea for Joe Biden to run again. And Biden himself seems to be increasingly convinced that he should run. It will be a very difficult situation – predicted Nowakowski. In his opinion, it will have a very negative impact on the Democrats' chances in the November elections.

– Such a conflict, instead of standing behind the candidate, always weakens him – he noted.

Questions about Joe Biden's resignation continueMarcin Wrona/Fakty TVN

According to Ostrowski, Biden will not succumb to pressure and will not withdraw from the elections. – I am saddened because the Democratic Party, instead of listening to what someone has to say on the merits of politics and fighting for it, because Biden's advantage here is obvious, only the blind cannot see that he is a reasonable man with a good program, and the other is a notorious liar and in fact has a program, at least from the point of view of Europe, very dangerous for us, so instead of focusing on this, we are now wondering whether he is like that, whether he is enough, whether he is healthy – said the journalist. According to him, the Democratic Party should not get involved in such a discussion.

– It's all television's fault – Nowakowski said. – I read the transcript of the debate. If it had been written, Biden would have looked much better. However, visually it was a disaster – he admitted.


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