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Foreign media about Poland. “The change in the situation makes Kaczyński furious”, “The question is how deep it will be

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This is a new beginning for Polish politics, changes are inevitable – write foreign journalists reporting on the first session of the Sejm of the new term. They wonder why the current prime minister is clinging to power and why he is creating a government doomed to failure. The first speeches also outline the basic difference between the power camps. The winning coalition is pro-European, and the right-wing leaders threaten Brussels and Berlin.

Although PiS won the elections, the inaugural session of the Sejm showed that it had definitely lost power – POLITICO comments on the first session of the lower house of the Polish Parliament in the new term and points out who was most affected by this turn of events. “The change in the situation infuriates Kaczyński, who has de facto ruled Poland for the last eight years. He condemned the Civic Coalition for showing “German arrogance”, which is part of long-term efforts to portray Tusk and his party as subservient to Berlin,” writes POLITICO.

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The transfer of power in Poland – as pointed out by the American Associated Press agency – is being delayed due to the decisions of the president, who entrusted Mateusz Morawiecki with the mission of forming a new government. “Speaking, he expressed his desire to build a new government across party lines. When he appealed for support, his critics reacted with laughter,” AP reports. “The Washington Post” points out that this was not the only moment that made the newly sworn-in MPs laugh yesterday. – I will not agree to any circumvention or bending of the law – said Duda. “The MPs responded with laughter to these words, because both PiS and Duda have been accused of breaking procedures in recent years,” reports “The Washington Post”

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The Sejm elected new members of the National Council of the Judiciary. This is the beginning of order in the Polish judiciaryKatarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

New hand

Reuters writes about a new beginning for Polish politics and the changes that may come soon. “The new parliament is set to end a tumultuous eight-year period marked by quarrels with the European Union, sudden late-night votes and law-making at a pace that political opponents say undermined the normal parliamentary process,” Reuters said. “Bloomberg” magazine admits that the opposition led by Tusk will have to wait perhaps even until the end of the year to take power and announce the depoliticization of state-owned companies. “The question is how deep the purge from the tentacles of Law and Justice will be. The first on the list of tasks (…) will be to control spending. Many state-controlled companies helped finance some of Law and Justice’s flagship projects,” explains “Bloomberg”.

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The changing political situation in Poland is also widely commented on by the German media. “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” emphasizes that, given the new majority, the current head of the Polish government cannot count on staying in office, but he is trying to maintain his position in the public debate with sharp speeches. “The 55-year-old politician from the national-conservative PiS party still sees a political future ahead of him. First of all, he still maintains the appearance that with the support of President Andrzej Duda, who is associated with the PiS party, he can not only continue in office, but also form a new government,” FAZ reports .

“Die Zeit” points out that the opposition is already achieving its first successes – including the election of Szymon Hołownia as Speaker of the Sejm. The Spanish media write in a similar tone. The French daily “Le Figaro” directly describes the political situation in Poland as unprecedented because “two opposing camps, the populist nationalist party in power and the pro-European opposition, claim to have won and aspire to form a government.”

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