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Foreign media comment on the Polish elections. “You could almost hear the sigh of relief in European capitals.”

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This is great news for the European Union, some say. In almost all of Europe – apart from Hungary – relief could be heard – others write. This is how the European media comments on the results of the Polish elections. The victory of the current opposition is considered all the more impressive because it took place despite state propaganda that “surpasses anything Orwell could come up with.”

“Thank you, Poland, for showing faith in the values ​​of the European Union” – this is the title of the British “The Guardian” congratulating Poles on the election results and openly assessing that this is a moving moment for both Poland and Europe. “Amazingly, despite constant propaganda from state television, beyond anything George Orwell could have imagined, Poles – especially young people and women – mobilized to say “no” – writes “The Guardian”. Journalists of “Guardian” admit, that the British right is trying to follow the same path as Law and Justice, but the result of the Polish elections clearly showed that democratic societies do not want authoritarian governments.

The Financial Times also writes about dismantling the biased and intolerant politics that have dominated Poland in recent years, emphasizing that the new government will have to work hard to reverse the autocratic processes started by PiS. “You could almost hear a sigh of relief in European capitals (except Budapest) when the results of the Polish elections appeared. Nevertheless, the task is not yet completed. (…) Due to the role of President Duda and the fact that PiS has filled the courts with its own people, this process will not be easy – explains the Financial Times

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“A Reason to Celebrate”

Over the last few years, the populist government in Warsaw has been famous for demonizing the European Union and its principles – adds Time, another British magazine that writes about Brussels’ delight with the result of the Polish electoral duel, and is echoed by other European media. “EU leaders have reason to celebrate this week – or at least most of them do. The right-wing nationalist government in Poland, a long-time nightmare in Brussels that has repeatedly antagonized and frustrated EU leaders over fundamental democratic freedoms, will soon be removed from the political chessboard,” it reports. Euronews. Poland “rising against authoritarianism is changing the image of the whole of Europe,” says The Washington Post briefly and bluntly.

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“Polish voters cast a decisive vote in the right direction, an inspiring demonstration that people’s desire for freedom is not easily suppressed. The task now is to make this country and its neighbors, which have lacked freedom for so long, a bastion of democratic resilience,” he explains. The Washington Post. The West should draw conclusions from the Polish vote. Voters want competence, not right-wing populist roaring – summarize the German media, and “Die Welt” adds that “Poland, even ruled by right-wing populists, is not an autocracy.” “PiS used state media and funds to influence voters (…) But democracy worked,” Die Welt reports.

Parliamentary elections in numbers

Parliamentary elections in numbersTVN24

“A model for Europe”

PiS made a dramatic miscalculation – it points to German public radio and at the same time estimates that Poland is a model for Europe, although it surprised not only the community, but probably also itself. “These elections were a democratic and European sensation and a lesson that should go beyond Poland (…) First of all, because with the new Polish government, Europe will probably become much more capable of action,” writes the website deutschlandfunk.de.

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The Spanish media focus on the record turnout in the Polish elections, for which we should thank, among others, women. “Women took to the streets again, this time going to the ballot boxes to say ‘enough’. And they succeeded. The unprecedented mobilization of women in the Polish elections was decisive for the victory of the liberal opposition bloc, which now has the majority needed to form a government” – emphasizes “El País”. “This is not a country for old men,” adds Euronews and points out that congratulations – apart from women – also go to young voters who helped tip the scales in favor of the opposition.

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