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Foreign media react to Morawiecki’s words. “The rhetoric of the ruling party is becoming more and more bellicose ahead of the war

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Leading foreign media are commenting on the words of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who stated that our country will no longer supply Kiev with weapons. The media unanimously write that Poland is “one of the staunchest allies” of Ukraine, and also point out that the change in position takes place a few weeks before the parliamentary elections.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s statement that Poland no longer transfers weapons to Ukraine was widely reported around the world and appeared on the front pages of foreign portals.

The German “Spiegel” writes that “in a television interview, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about suspending arms deliveries to Ukraine and thus caused confusion. It is not clear whether this statement was intended.” The German daily Tagesschau is equally cautious about the matter: “the context of the interview suggested that he probably did not mean a complete suspension of Polish weapons deliveries to Kiev.”

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In turn, “Politico” places the latest announcements of the Polish Prime Minister in a broader political context. He writes that “although Warsaw initially supported the campaign to help the authorities in Kiev repel the Russian invasion, support waned as the consequences of aid to Ukraine became increasingly felt for Polish farmers.”

British journalists link the Polish Prime Minister’s statements with the ongoing election campaign and suggest that his words are of a political nature. The Financial Times claims that “the ruling party’s rhetoric is becoming increasingly belligerent ahead of the elections (…). Jarosław Kaczyński’s right-wing party, once a steadfast ally of Kiev, has experienced an erosion of support, especially among voters in rural areas who feel let down by “Warsaw”.

The Prime Minister’s words about arming Ukraine caused confusion. “It doesn’t make any sense”Arleta Zalewska/Fakty TVN

In the background there is a visa scandal and elections

The Spanish daily “La Razon” reminds that in addition to the issue of limiting arms supplies to Kiev raised by the prime minister, the government spokesman also announced the possible expiration of benefits for Ukrainian citizens living in Poland, which “may be a new tactic of the ruling party.” The French media talk not only about tactics, but also about diversion. – The ruling party is having problems due to the corruption scandal and is losing votes to the far right, which has a much more anti-Ukrainian position, reports Gulliver Cragg, a correspondent of France 24.

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The corruption scandal related to the visa scandal mentioned by the journalist is another issue widely commented on by foreign media in the context of Poland. The bbb.com portal informs that “The EU demands answers regarding the visa scandal. The spokeswoman for the European Commission gave Warsaw two weeks to answer her detailed questions. (…) Germany also asked Poland for specific information on the number of visas issued. visas and the nationality of the persons who received them.

Euronews focuses on the consequences that the ruling party may suffer in connection with the spreading scandal. The portal writes that “the cascade of accusations threatens to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who based his re-election campaign to a large extent on a tough migration policy.”

The British “Guardian” points out that populists may challenge Europe this fall, and the upcoming elections in Poland will be “the most equal, the most ruthless and at the same time the most important vote in this country in decades.”

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