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Foreign media report on the “battle for the rule of law” in Poland. “The list of fights is long”

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Foreign media closely follow the political situation in Poland. “No one expected that rebuilding democratic institutions would be easy,” writes Bloomberg. PiS positions itself as a defender of democracy and freedom of speech, although for years it has been working to limit them – we read in the French press.

The political battle for the rule of law in Poland continues, and foreign media indicate that with subsequent actions of the new authorities, which try to undo the effects of eight years of rule of Law and Justice, the fight is only intensifying. The Politico website points out that recently, in the middle of this dispute, a new figure has appeared – the Minister of Justice. “Bodnar takes part in most of the battles against the legacy of the Law and Justice party (…) and the list of fights is long” – we can read in the article.

The dispute in Poland no longer concerns only the attempt to regain control over the public media or bring justice to the former heads of the CBA and, at the same time, members of the PiS government convicted by a final court judgment. Now the fight is also about depoliticizing the prosecutor’s office. “Bodnar angered PiS and Duda by dismissing National Prosecutor Dariusz Barski (…) PiS adopted a law making his appointment and dismissal dependent on the president’s consent, which was part of broader efforts to strengthen party loyalists at the levels of power,” the article wrote. Politico indicates that Adam Bodnar treats the change in the position of National Prosecutor as an element of a broader fight to “restore Poland’s status as a liberal democracy.” This is a goal that cannot be achieved without reform of the National Council of the Judiciary.

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“During eight years in power, PiS defied Brussels and reformed the National Council of the Judiciary so that most of its members were elected by politicians, not judges,” reports the Financial Times. The daily quotes the statement of the Minister of Justice, who emphasized that amending the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary is necessary to restore the impartiality of the courts, but British journalists estimate that it will not be easy. “Duda, himself a PiS member, has already sided with the opposition in a sharp reaction to the new prime minister’s attempts to remove party loyalists and rebuild state institutions,” notes the Financial Times.

The German “Der Spiegel” reminds that justice reforms for Poland are important not only for political but also financial reasons. “A change in the procedure for electing members of the National Council of the Judiciary is an important condition for resolving the dispute between Warsaw and Brussels,” the German newspaper emphasizes.

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Years of destructive rule

Bloomberg writes about the political drama in our country, comparing the current situation in Poland to the confusion caused in the United States by the removal of Donald Trump from power. American journalists directly assess that this may be the biggest test for Polish democracy since the end of communism. “No one expected that rebuilding democratic institutions would be easy after eight years of rule by the Law and Justice party, which filled public media, courts and state-owned companies with its people,” Bloomberg notes.

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PiS has not said its last word yet – adds the French magazine “Le Grand Continent”. “The PiS party, for its part, positions itself as a defender of democracy and freedom of speech, although over the years it has been in power it has taken a number of actions aimed at limiting them,” the article reads. That is why French commentators say directly that “in the polarized Polish society we are currently dealing with two parallel realities – legal and political.” When the government corrupts institutions, filling them with its loyalists, any operation aimed at cleansing them becomes extremely delicate – sums up the opinion-forming Spanish portal El Confidencial, adding that the best example of this is Poland.

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