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Foreign media write about the adoption of the anti-TVN law in Poland

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Foreign media comment on the amendment to the Broadcasting Act, known as anti-TVN, adopted in the Sejm on Wednesday. The Reuters Agency emphasizes that the act may lead to a dispute with one of Warsaw’s most important allies. In turn, the British “The Guardian” points out that Poland has been falling in the press freedom ranking year by year since PiS took power.

On Wednesday, the deputies discussed the draft amendment to the Broadcasting Act called anti-TVN. The bill submitted by PiS deputies, in the unanimous opinion of commentators, targets the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law. After 9 p.m., the draft was put to the vote in the Sejm. 454 deputies voted. 228 deputies voted “for”against – 216, ten MPs abstained.


Foreign media on the adoption of the anti-TVN law

The media writes about the events in the Sejm. “Polish lawmakers voted on Wednesday in favor of the bill, which, according to the opposition, aims to silence the US-owned news channel critical of the government, risking a dispute with one of Warsaw’s most important allies,” the Reuters agency reported.

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“Washington warned that the failure to extend the license for the TVN24 news channel owned by Discovery could threaten future investments in Poland,” the attention was drawn.

The Guardian: Poland’s lowest-ever press freedom ranking

The British “The Guardian” points out that, according to analysts, the amendment to the law adopted in the Sejm “may target the American broadcaster, and press freedom continues to deteriorate.”

The daily notes that when PiS took power in 2015, Poland was ranked 18th in the world in terms of press freedom. “This year, Poland is on the lowest 64th position in history. It is located just behind Malawi and Armenia, and above countries such as Bhutan or Côte d’Ivoire” – emphasizes “The Guardian”.

The Sejm adopted the anti-TVN lawTVN24

The New York Times: Stormy and Chaotic Debates

“The deputies passed a controversial media law that could lead to the loss of the US TV license,” reports The New York Times. The American daily notes that the adoption of the law took place during “stormy and chaotic deliberations”.

It was written that the amendment “mostly concerns TVN, a station that has many channels, including the popular, news-only TVN24, the majority owner of which is the American company Discovery”. “The network is more critical of the government than most media, especially compared to the public broadcaster TVP, which has become the source of the government’s message,” he added.

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