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Forest clearing in Jurata. The Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, avoids answering the question whether she supports it

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A large hotel may be built on a two-hectare plot on the Hel Peninsula in Jurata worth millions of zlotys. This involves cutting down the forest. When asked about the matter, the Minister of Climate and Environment avoids answering. The regional directorate of the State Forests in Gdańsk, headed by Bartłomiej Obajtek, brother of the head of Orlen, is also silent. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

The future of the forest in Jurata on the Hel Peninsula is in doubt. The Jastarnia commune, to which Jurata falls, with the full support and at the request of the State Forests, specifically the Wejherowo Forest District, changed the spatial development plan.

tvn24.pl journalist Tomasz Słomczyński described how the law was changed in 2021, which consequently opened the door wide for hotels to be built on the over two-hectare plot number 175 in Jurata, worth millions of zlotys. – As a result of lobbying by the Wejherowo Forest District, the plan allows for the construction of buildings up to a height of 12 meters and allows for 30 percent of these two hectares to be developed. So we are talking about a huge hotel – emphasizes Tomasz Słomczyński.

A large hotel may be built on a two-hectare plot on the Hel Peninsula in JurataTVN24

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Residents and tourists are terrified by the prospect of mass cutting down of trees. 10 years ago, the Wejherowo Forest District did not allow changing the nature of the plot, then the forest was supposed to be a forest because it protected the dunes from the wind. What changed? Forest district authorities.

– Or maybe these dunes suddenly listened to foresters and will not move if there is no nature to protect them – says Brunon Wołosz from the Fidelis Siluas Foundation. – On the peninsula, where space is so limited, the value of this forest is even greater – emphasizes Dariusz Gatkowski from WWF Polska.

Mayor of Jastarnia: business decides what it intends to build

The development plan states that the area is degraded, whatever that means. – All plots are built around. I don’t know why the forests insisted on this area being a forest area before, says the mayor of Jastarnia, Tyberiusz Narkowicz.

Both the Jastarnia commune and the Wejherowo Forest District claim that there were already service activities on site, because there are camping sites, camper sites and old PRL cottages that can be demolished at any time without harming the nature.

When asked if he sees a difference between old houses and a 4-story hotel included in the spatial development plan, the mayor of Jastarnia replies: “Apart from the height, I don’t see (the difference). This is a function of tourist services and here business decides what it intends to do. build”.

Mayor of Jastarnia: I don’t know why the State Forests insisted that this plot remain a forest plotTVN24

The changes were critically assessed by the Pomeranian Landscape Park Complex, which has no doubt that any new construction will have a negative impact on the landscape.

The minister avoids answering the question whether he supports forest clearing

Ecologists say directly that after 2015 and the purges in the State Forests, when Law and Justice, pro-ecological policy gave way to business policy. An example is the statement of the former Minister of Agriculture Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, who argues that “forests are also crops.” – Mythologizing forests, saying that they are something unique and valuable. More forests are being planted than are being cut down, he argued.

Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa to questions about the future of the forest in Jurata, he replies that “the forest cover and density of forests in Poland are increasing.” When asked whether she supported the cutting down of the forest in Jurata, she did not answer. The Wejherowo Forest District is also silent, as is the regional directorate of the State Forests in Gdańsk, where the head is Daniel Obajtek’s brother – Bartłomiej.

High earnings of the State Forests

Brunon Wołosz calls the State Forests a “corporation”. – It is worth recalling what is written in the Forest Act, because it says that foresters are primarily responsible for protecting their native nature, climate, soil, beauty, and only then is forest management – ​​he points out.

Last year, the State Forests earned PLN 15 billion – the lion’s share from the sale of wood. – Each of us should take care of the environment and landscape, and not destroy them – reminds Hanna Gil-Piątek from the Civic Coalition.

Main photo source: TVN24

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