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Former director testifies about Justice Fund. Michał Szczerba, Michał Wójcik comment

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– Probably there was also a member of parliament, deputy minister Michał Wójcik, with some amount in this notebook. What was the amount, sir? – said KO MP Michał Szczerba, turning to the Sovereign Poland MP Michał Wójcik. He referred to the information provided on Wednesday by former director of the Justice Fund Department, Tomasz Mraz. – These are fairy tales and nonsense that were said today in this team – said Wójcik.

Monika Olejnik's guests in “Kropka nad i” were Michał Szczerba (KO), chairman of the visa scandal committee and candidate for the European Parliament, and Michał Wójcik from Sovereign Poland, former deputy minister of justice, also a candidate for the European Parliament.

The parliamentary settlement team met on Wednesday PISwhich he chairs Roman Giertych. The meeting was attended by Tomasz Mraz, former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice. Mraz is one of the suspects in the investigation into the Justice Fund and is described as the “key witness” in this case who is “slandering the gangsters.” He is a client of Roman Giertych. He said that in matters relating to competition decisions Zbigniew Ziobro he was “actually the main decision maker.”

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Szczerba: Michał Wójcik was probably also in that notebook

Mraz testified that “when budgets for a given year were established, an informal list was created, granting limits to individual constituency chairmen.” – It was one of the most closely guarded secrets related to the Fund. The amounts were mentioned on such a list along with their names, said the former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice.

Szczerba referred to this and said that “probably there was also an MP, Deputy Minister Michał Wójcik in this notebook with some amount of money.” – What was the amount, sir? You'll probably tell us soon, MP Szczerba said to Wójcik.

Szczerba: you had notebooks, you had quotas. And this is the most impudent thing about this caseTVN24

– I hope that in the coming weeks there will be applications to waive the immunity of at least two of your (Wójcik – ed.) colleagues who were direct administrators of the Justice Fund. One is called Romanowski, the other is called Woś. And it won't end there, because you will probably be interrogated too. I have the impression that your name in Romanowski's notebook also included a specific amount – said Szczerba.

As TVN24 found out unofficially, the prosecutor's office is to refer the case first requests to waive parliamentary immunity in connection with the ongoing investigation into the Justice Fund. They are to concern politicians of Sovereign Poland, former deputy ministers of justice Michał Woś and Marcin Romanowski.

Michał Szczerba and Michał Wójcik in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

– During the rule of Solidarna Polska, 244 media contracts were signed with various media houses in order to buy advertisements and promote Mr. Romanowski and Mr. Woś in the regional media – said the KO politician.

– 25,000 people are injured every year road accidents. They are injured, undergoing rehabilitation, and need psychological, material and legal help. You are taking this money from these people and you have been taking it. Just like you took from women who were raped and were looking for help. You left them alone, but you had notebooks, you had quotas. And this is the most impudent thing about this case. I absolutely hope that this independent prosecutor's office is doing its job – added Szczerba.

Wójcik: it is known that Giertych hates our environment

Wójcik: it is known that Giertych hates our environmentTVN24

Wójcik: these are fairy tales and nonsense

Wójcik, in turn, said that “these are fairy tales and nonsense that were being told today in this group”, and he called Mraza “sixty” (a reference to Article 60 of the Penal Code on extraordinary leniency – ed.) and said that his testimony these are “confabulations”. He noted that “250,000 people” benefited from the fund's assistance.

– The first lie is that it was a person who knew each other and met privately with Minister Ziobro. There has never been a situation like this. If there were meetings, they were always in a larger group. It was not a third person in the Ministry of Justice, it even defies logic – said the Sovereign Poland politician.

When asked if he knew Mraz, Wójcik replied that he had no contact with him, but “he knew he was such a director.” – And Mr. Roman Giertych had contacts with this man before, or not? Because these are questions too. (Giertych – ed.) is a politician, he is an MP, not only is he a patron and it is known that he hates our environment, so it all comes together – said Wójcik, suggesting that Mraz's testimony coincided with the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

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