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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Former mayor of Świętochłowice and his associates detained by the police

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The former president of Świętochłowice, Dawid K., his deputy and two other former officials were detained by the police on the order of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice. It is about irregularities that occurred in the city hall in 2011-2018, the prosecutor reported.

– Four people have been detained on charges of performing public functions at the Municipal Office in Świętochłowice. The case concerns the years 2011-2018 – said Karina Spruś from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice.

She confirmed that the former mayor of the city, Dawid K. and his deputy, were among the detained. So far, the prosecutor’s office has not informed about the charges against them. – We will provide a message on this matter after completing the activities that are currently underway – said Spruś.

The suspects were detained on Wednesday by officers from the anti-corruption department of the voivodeship headquarters in Katowice. According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, which wrote about the detention of former officials, investigators are to accuse them of “abuse of powers, failure to fulfill obligations, misappropriation of property, certification of untruth in documents, as well as exerting an unlawful influence on local media.” “One of the charges is related to the employment of assistants in the office, who actually worked as nannies for Dawid K.’s children.” – reported “GW”.

Former president of Świętochłowice, Dawid K. Andrzej Grygiel / PAP

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Dawid K. was the president of Świętochłowice for eight years

Dawid K. was the president of Świętochłowice in 2010-2018. In the past, he was an activist of the Civic Platform. He was expelled from the party more than two years ago when he decided to run for the Senate from his own committee. The party authorities decided that he had given the committee a name suggesting that it was a candidate of the Civic Coalition – KO put forward another candidate. Eventually, Dorota Tobiszowska (PiS) won the mandate in this constituency.

In 2018, Dawid K. became a councilor in Świętochłowice, but his mandate was terminated because it turned out that he did not live in this city. The complaint against the decision of the City Council was first rejected by the Provincial Administrative Court, and later by the Supreme Administrative Court.

Main photo source: Andrzej Grygiel / PAP

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