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Forming a government after the parliamentary elections. Marek Borowski on the president’s possible decisions

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Former Speaker of the Sejm, senator of the Civic Coalition, Marek Borowski, spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” about the expected decision of the president to entrust a politician of his choice with the mission of forming a government. – The moment of truth will be at the first session of the Sejm – he said.

Last week, the president held meetings with representatives of the committees that will be represented in the next Sejm. In a later statement Andrzej Duda informed that there are two political groups that claim to have a parliamentary majority and a candidate for prime minister – the candidate of the United Right for prime minister is Mateusz Morawieckiand the candidate of the Civic Coalition, Third Way and the Left – Donald Tusk. The current opposition claims that PIS he is not in talks with anyone, which means he will not win a majority in parliament.

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A mission to entrust the government to Morawiecki? Borowski: The case is about three things

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Grzegorz Kajdanowicz’s guest in Monday’s edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 was Marek Borowski – former Speaker of the Sejm and senator of the Civic Coalition, who was asked when he believed the new government would be formed. – This is a hot question. The president currently knows that he is the most important person in Poland and he definitely makes it known. He talks here, he asks questions, his employees express their opinions – replied the senator.

Borowski assessed that “the moment of truth will be at the first session of the Sejm, because the marshal will be elected there.” – And the majority that chooses him will immediately clearly show where the majority is. If, in such a situation, Andrzej Duda decides to entrust the mission to Morawiecki, it will be a complete disgrace, he noted.

The senator was further asked whether he believed that the prime minister would now talk about forming a coalition with opposition politicians, whom he had repeatedly attacked. – As for Mateusz Morawiecki, during his term as a member of the Council of Ministers and Prime Minister, he experienced no embarrassment, no shame, but he doesn’t care about it – he replied.

– I think this case is about three things. One thing is the time for PiS politicians to cover their tracks, also in companies and in various places. The second is the appointment of a new head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, because the term of office is expiring, but we need to survive until then and entrusting the mission to Morawiecki will allow us to survive – he said.

Another issue – as Borowski said – is the possibility of giving an expose. – We must remember that Morawiecki is to resign at the first session of the Sejm. He can make a speech, no one will stop him, but it will be about what happened. Then he resigns and leaves. However, if he was entrusted with the mission of forming a government, even if he fails (to form a majority – editor), he closes his eyes and delivers an exposé. And in this expose he will speak to the entire PiS electorate, he will develop various types of projects which, of course, the new coalition will not implement, because they are either too expensive, unrealistic, or pointless, and so on – he said.

What about the opposition’s election proposals?

During the conversation, Borowski was asked if there was a chance to fulfill the election promises of the current opposition. – Certainly not all and all parties at once – he replied. – It is known that there are four parties that had their own proposals, but there will be agreements and certainly, for example, raises for teachers and for the public sector can be implemented. There is still room for a few decisions of this type, he replied.

When asked about proposals to increase the tax-free amount, Borowski replied that it would cost “about PLN 40 billion.” – But in my opinion it will still fit (in the budget – ed.). So it’s not like saying at this point that it won’t be implemented, he said.

– Next year, a deficit of 4.5 percent of public finances is assumed. We will certainly need to talk to the European Commission about the excessive deficit procedure. The procedure is that if the deficit exceeds 3 percent of GDP, a reduction plan must be presented. It works to our advantage that probably half of the EU countries have exceeded them, he explained. – This is the result of the pandemic, among other things, but in Poland it is one more thing and here we have an argument: we will spend on armaments – he added.

– The prospects are not very optimistic, but there is nothing to scare – he concluded.

From what the president says, it follows that there are two majorities in the Sejm. How is this possible?Maciej Mazur/Fakty TVN

Main photo source: TVN24

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