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Fortune 500 Europe. There are several companies from Poland on the list

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Shell was at the top of the “Fortune 500 Europe” ranking. The list was prepared based on revenues in 2022. The list includes eight companies from Poland.

The first place on the “Fortune 500 Europe” list is taken by the British giant Shell, and there are five other energy companies in the top ten.

In terms of the number of companies from a given country, they are the leaders Germany – there are as many as 80 of them. Right behind them is Great Britain (76), France (71), the Netherlands (37) and Switzerland (46).

– In the last financial year, European corporations had to face several challenges, including: war in Ukraine and its influence on energy pricesas well as economic instability caused by high inflation and interest rates – said Scott DeCarlo, editor of Fortune magazine.

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– Despite challenging conditions, some industries have benefited from increased consumer demand following the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and for several of them, sustainability has remained a core tenet and challenge. Diverse populations bring different challenges, which is why these European powers continue to grow and adapt to an increasingly complex and unpredictable geopolitical and economic landscape, he added.

Top ten of the “Fortune 500 Europe” list:

1. Shell (UK) 2. Volkswagen (Germany) 3. Uniper (Germany) 4. TotalEnergys (France) 5. Glencore (Switzerland) 6. BP (UK) 7. Stellantis (Netherlands) 8. Gazprom (Russia) 9. Mercedes-Benz Group (Germany) 10. Electricité de France (France)

Companies from Poland on the “Fortune 500 Europe” list

There are also eight companies from Poland on Fortune’s list. The highest revenue – over USD 62 billion – was achieved by Orlen, which allowed the company to take 44th place. Polish companies were ranked as follows:

1. Orlen, 44th place, revenue: USD 62.325 billion 2. PGE Group, 232nd place, revenue: USD 16.49 billion 3. PZU Group, 337th place, revenue: USD 10.44 billion 4. Tauron, 392 . place, revenue: USD 8.385 billion 5. KGHM, 414th place, revenue: USD 7.6 billion 6. Eurocash, 434th place, revenue: USD 6.929 billion 7. ENEA Group, 440th place, revenue: USD 6.763 billion 8. PKO Bank Polski, 468th place, revenue: USD 6.099 billion

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