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Fount. The revitalization of the Arian Tower, the oldest Polish pyramid, has been completed

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They recreated the floor, built stylized gates and plastered the walls, leaving places where the original walls can be seen. This was the scope of the works carried out in the Arian tower standing in the village of Krynica (Lubelskie Voivodeship), ie the oldest and highest pyramid in Poland.

It stands on a 290-meter hill. She herself is about 20 meters tall. Its top is visible from a distance above the surrounding trees. There are fields nearby, and the nearest buildings are about 500 meters away. We are talking about a tower from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, which stands in the village of Krynica in the Krasnystaw district.

The façade was largely plastered Krasnystaw commune office

They call it the tomb or the Arian tower

– It is the oldest and tallest pyramid structure in Poland and one of the few such structures in Europe. It is called the Arian grave or the Arian tower, because it was built on the order of Paweł Orzechowski, an Arian, chamberlain of Chełm and the owner of the castle in nearby Krupe – said in May last year in an interview with tvn24.pl Dr. Konrad Grochecki, an archaeologist from the Regional Museum in Krasnystaw, who wrote his doctoral thesis about the tower in Krynica.

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The tower gained stylized doors Krasnystaw commune office

The facility has recently undergone revitalization, which was carried out by the municipality of Krasnystaw. The investment cost over PLN 300,000, of which more than 60 percent were funds from the EU Rural Development Program. The rest was covered by the municipality from its own budget.

The last renovation on such a scale was carried out in the 1950s.

The floor was reconstructed, the roof joints were filled

The work took about four months. As for the walls, all elements that were not original were removed. On the other hand, places that were previously marked by vandals have been plastered. As agreed with the conservator of monuments, we left the so-called witnesses, i.e. fragments of the facade, on which the original structure of the wall can be seen – says Dariusz Harmas, head of the construction department at the Krasnystaw Commune Office.

This is how the building looked before the revitalization Agnes Cylwik

As part of the revitalization, the floor was also reconstructed.

– A fortification made of field stones was built around the building. We also created a stylized door and filled the roof joints – emphasizes the manager.

Archaeologist: Orzechowski wanted to emphasize the importance and splendor of his family

Construction works were preceded by archaeological research. Specialists discovered, among other things, that the crypt goes deeper than they thought.

The building towers over the area Konrad Grochecki

Although there are no remains in the crypt – as written sources say at the end of the 18th century, the grave was to be desecrated and the remains thrown away – the aforementioned Paweł Orzechowski (he lived in the years 1550-1612) and probably several members of his family were buried in the tower .

– In many descriptions of the history of the pyramid in Krynica, we can find information that Paweł Orzechowski decided to build a tomb because, as an Arian, he could not count on burial in a Catholic cemetery. In my opinion, however, this circumstance was not crucial, because in those days there were also Arian necropolises. It was more about the fact that the chamberlain decided to build a mausoleum for himself and his family in order to emphasize the importance and splendor of his family and to show who had power in this area, archaeologist Dr. Konrad Grochecki told us in May.

They want to organize cyclical events here

Let us recall that the Arians were commonly called Polish brothers, i.e. members of the religious community constituting the most radical faction of the Reformation in Poland.

– Now that the works have been completed, the commune is planning to organize cyclical events in the tower and its vicinity. Even on the occasion of Midsummer’s Eve. We hope that it will attract tourists – emphasizes Dariusz Harmas, quoted earlier.

There are fields and forests all around Konrad Grochecki

The tower is located in the town of Krynica in the Krasnystaw district

Main photo source: Krasnystaw commune office

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