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Four condensation funnels in the sky

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As many as four condensation funnels appeared on Tuesday at the same time near Krynica Morska (Pomeranian Voivodeship). Two of them are waterspouts. The unusual phenomena were captured in one photo.

On Tuesday afternoon in the vicinity Krynica As many as four condensation funnels formed at Morska, two of which can be classified as waterspouts. They appeared in the sky at the same time and were captured in one photo. The conditions over the sea were favorable for the formation of such phenomena, because storm clouds developed there.

A waterspout is a type of tornado that forms when much cooler air flows over a relatively warm body of water. The resulting instability allows air particles to rise quickly, forming cumulonimbus clouds. A vertical, funnel-shaped vortex forms above the water surface, connected to the cloud.

Four condensation funnels Storm Watchers Network/ user ok

Condensation funnel

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A waterspout is characterized by a much weaker force than a tornado. The former is largely transparent and in the initial phase can be noticed only by the trace it leaves on the water surface. Most waterspouts disintegrate when they reach land.

Main image source: Storm Watchers Network/ user ok

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