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Four days in the benches, the fifth for design work. Wodzisław Śląski focuses on a new approach to education

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Wodzisław Śląski wants to change the approach to teaching. The city will end with 45-minute lessons and bells, but it also proposes that students spend 4 days at school benches and the 5th participate in project work. Changes will be introduced gradually – at the beginning in the youngest classes.

Wodzisław Śląski plans to introduce new solutions in schools. – Four days will be more classic, school days to which we are accustomed, and one day a week will be project work – explains Mieczysław Kieca, the mayor of the city.

This means that the fifth day of learning will look completely different than before. – (There will be – editor’s note) tailoring, carpentry, IT and art classes – explains Jacek Dojka, director of the School and Kindergarten Complex No. 7 in Wodzisław Śląski.

The biggest change, however, will be turning off the ringer. – It does not say at all that this core curriculum must be implemented in 45-minute blocks. It has to be implemented, the city’s mayor points out. – Walking away from 45 minutes (of a lesson – editor’s note) is something that is crucial here. Because if after 45 minutes we hear the bell, our brain automatically programs itself so that we stop thinking about what we have learned – emphasizes Małgorzata Nowicka from the “Institute of Positive Education” Foundation.

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Changes will be introduced gradually

In addition, the city wants changes in ratings. – There is no digital rating, but there is a description in this direction. This is the so-called feedback – explains Urszula Marus, director of the School Complex No. 1 in Wodzisław Śląski.

Students will learn what they still need to work on, so they can improve a failed quiz until the end. – We focus on the fact that this child has to learn something, not catch him that he does not know something. You have to reevaluate yourself a bit in your head – points out Marus.

At the end of the year – in accordance with the rules – classic grades will appear on the certificate, but they are not the most important in this system. – Let’s hope that there will be no cramming – says Jacek Dojka.

Changes will be introduced gradually – at the beginning in the youngest classes. – All this is possible, only it requires openness, above all adults. And that we want to try to do it differently, believes Małgorzata Nowicka.

There is a lot of time, because only six years from now the new system is to cover all students. – The education system is created to educate well and we simply have to do it – emphasizes the president of Wodzisław Śląski.

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