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Four things to know on July 3rd

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US President Joe Biden will begin his visit to Europe at the end of next week. The main purpose of his trip will be the NATO summit in Vilnius. A court in Evry near Paris has sentenced two participants after five nights of riots in the suburbs of French cities. In Poland, a lot of comments were caused by a recording published by Donald Tusk in social media. Here are four things to know on Monday, July 3rd.

1. Joe Biden will fly to Europe

US President Joe Biden will begin at the end of next week visit to Europe. The main purpose of his trip will be the NATO summit in Vilnius. The American leader will also visit Finland to commemorate its joining the alliance and the United Kingdom, the White House announced on Sunday.

Biden will start his journey next Sunday in London by meeting with King Charles III. In June, Biden hosted British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the White House, where the two leaders pledged to continue working together to defend Ukraine.

The NATO summit in Vilnius takes place at a critical moment in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Jens StoltenbergNATO’s secretary general, visited the White House in June, where he and Biden made it clear that the Western alliance was united in defending Ukraine.

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US President Joe BidenAl Drago/PAP/EPA

2. The first sentences after the riots in France

A court in Evry near Paris, after five nights of riots on the outskirts of French cities, sentenced two participants to a four-month suspended prison sentence, 140 hours of community service and the obligation to attend a civics course, the daily Le Parisien reported.

The convicts, already known to the police, were arrested on the night of June 29-30 in Saint-Germain-les-Corbeil in the department of Essonne for setting fire to barricades and breaking shop windows in the roadway to slow down police activity.

The wave of violence on the streets of French cities is weakening. According to the Ministry of the Interior, by midnight on the night between Sunday and Monday, the police detained 49 people, much less than during the previous nights.

3. Tusk’s film caused a storm

Donald Tusk posted a recording on his Twitter profile on Sunday morning, in which he refers to the issue of migration policy. – We watch shocked scenes of brutal riots in France. And right now Kaczyński is preparing a document thanks to which even more citizens will come to Poland from countries such as – and I quote – Saudi Arabia, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar,United Arab EmiratesNigeria or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Tusk mentions in the recording.

– (Jarosław) Kaczyński already brought over 130,000 citizens from such countries last year – 50 times more than in 2015. These visas can be obtained easily and quickly, and they will be distributed by external companies, because there are so many orders, said the PO leader.

Tusk’s recording was referred to by, among others, PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski. In his speech at the Congress of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs in Spała (Łódź Province), Kaczyński assessed that Polish politics had reached a new level. “The lie in our adversary’s campaign has been going on for months, years in fact, but today we have something completely new,” he said.

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4. Shooting in the USA

Two people were killed and 28 injured in a shooting that took place in Baltimore, US, on Saturday night, police said. Nine of the injured were hospitalized, three of them are in critical condition, CNN reported.

The dead are an 18-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man. The teenager died on the spot, the older man, two years older, died in hospital, police said. Of the 28 injured, about half are under the age of 18, said Richard Worley, acting commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department, noting that the age of the victims is still being verified.

Nine people are in the hospital, police said on Sunday evening.

The suspects remain at large, the motive for the tragedy is still unknown, and an extensive police operation is underway, CNN added, citing police. “We know for sure that there is more than one attacker,” said Richard Worley.

USA. Two people were killed and 28 injured in a shooting in BaltimoreBaltimore Police

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5. Iga Świątek criticized by the Russians

In the current difficult geopolitical situation, indifference is not an easy quality to gain recognition, especially in context war in Ukraine. Iga Świątek’s open criticism of the armed conflict across the eastern border is generally received positively, but not in Russia. One of the local websites published a text in which the views of the Polish woman were described as “disturbing”.

Already at the time of the aggression of the Russian and Belarusian troops, almost a year and a half ago, Świątek openly condemned the armed attack. She has shown her solidarity with the Ukrainians many times until now, whether during matches or during off-court activities.

Just before Wimbledon, which started on Monday, Iga again hit the country of the aggressor and the general impact of the whole situation, also on the world of sports. She called on the media and organizers to ask tennis players politically motivated questions regarding the situation in Ukraine. “It’s good that Wimbledon asks the players to present their position and ask them what they think about the situation in Ukraine, who they support. We need to demonstrate the right values, which I personally intend to do. Given last year’s events, I think it’s fair” – was quoted statement of the player from the official WTA website.

Her statements were quoted in a longer article by the Russian service of the “Sport Express” newspaper. As it was written, the Polish woman’s appeal was in a way a reaction to Wimbledon’s decision to admit Russians and Belarusians, but only on the condition of declaring political neutrality in writing and ensuring that there would be no state support.

“In general, declarations to politicize sport on the part of Świątek, who has repeatedly criticized Russia, sound disturbing” – it was written in the commentary inside the text. In contrast, Aryna Sabalenka from Belarus, who is the world number two, strongly disagrees with the approach of the ranking leader and avoids commenting on the situation in Ukraine.

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Iga Świątek supports Ukraine

Iga Świątek supports UkraineIga Świątek supports UkraineGetty Images


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