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Fourteen 2023. Piotr Sak, MP of Law and Justice, about “imperfections”, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy responds

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The so-called 14th pensions are being paid. In his interpellation, the Law and Justice MP drew attention to the “imperfections” of the benefits, citing signals received from the retirees themselves. There is a response from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

“Fourteens” are paid by Social Security ex officio. Therefore, there is no need to submit applications for additional support. The money is paid in September on the same dates as pensions and pensions.

However, there are doubts among seniors about the payment rules. An interpellation regarding “imperfections” in the provisions regarding the income threshold necessary to obtain the so-called The 14th pension was directed by Piotr Sak from Law and Justice.

“14th pension” – income threshold

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This year, the basic benefit is PLN 2,650 gross. However, only people whose pension does not exceed PLN 2,900 receive this amount. Above this amount, the zloty for zloty principle applies, i.e. the “14th pension” will be proportionally reduced. People whose total benefits exceed PLN 5,500 will not receive “Fourteen”.

How much will the “14th pension” be?tvn24.pl

The parliamentarian pointed out that he receives signals from retirees questioning the validity of the income threshold of PLN 2,900 in some cases. As he conveyed PiS MPseniors “emphasize that the indicated limit excludes a certain group from the possibility of using this benefit.”

“Pensioners from the Tarnów region pay particular attention to the fact that widows and widowers should be subject to a higher income threshold due to the fact that they maintain the household alone. In a situation where both spouses are alive, they benefit from double benefits. Stakeholders notice the efforts of the Polish government aimed at the appreciation status of pensioners after the death of their spouse and pay even more attention to this aspect when paying additional benefits,” Sak wrote.

The PiS MP asked, among others: whether the Ministry of Family and Social Policy notices the problem of unfavorable legal regulations regarding the “14th pensions”. The deputy head of this ministry, Stanisław Szwed, responded to the interpellation.

The deputy minister of family responds

In the opinion of the deputy minister of family, “diversity income criterion for a specific group of people (widows/widowers), which is an issue raised by the MP in the interpellation, would lead to a violation of the principle of equal treatment of all insured persons, under the Act of October 13, 1998 on the social security system (Article 2a)”.

As explained by the deputy head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, “taking into account the fact that the benefit in question is directed to the most needy people, the legislator has established a threshold (PLN 2,900) up to which the next additional annual cash benefit will be paid in the amount of the lowest pension.”

“However, in order to grant this benefit to a larger group of people, he introduced a solution according to which, above the indicated threshold, the principle of zloty for zloty will be applied (while the amount of the additional benefit cannot be lower than PLN 50)” – added Deputy Minister Szwed.

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