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Fourteenth pension. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy proposes payment of fourteenths in September 2024

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This year, once again, the so-called fourteen. The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy proposes that the additional annual cash benefit will be paid in September 2024 – according to the information included in the government's list of legislative works on Thursday.

Fourteenth pensions were first paid in 2021. July 19, 2023 president Andrzej Duda signed a law according to which they are to be entitled to them permanently.

Fourteenths – on what terms are they paid?

The conditions for acquiring the right to the fourteenth pension and the rules for its payment are regulated by the Act of May 26, 2023. Pursuant to it the Council of Ministers determines, by way of a regulation, the month of payment of the additional benefit in a given year, taking into account the technical and organizational capabilities of the pension and disability pension authorities (ZUSKRUS, pension and disability pension companies of uniformed services).

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According to the proposal of the Ministry of Family published on Thursday, the fourteenth pensions will be paid in 2024. in Septemberas in 2023

The person responsible for developing the project is Sebastian Gajewski, Deputy Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy. The planned date of adoption of the project by the Council of Ministers is the second quarter of 2024.

The height of the so-called fourteenth retirement

The act stipulated that the full amount of PLN 14 would amount to PLN 14 at least the amount of the lowest pension, effective from March 1 of the year in which the next additional annual cash benefit is paid. In the case of people with a basic benefit above PLN 2,900 gross, the “PLN for PLN” principle applies.

However, the Act provides for the possibility of determining a higher amount of the fourteenth pension. The Council of Ministers, no later than October 31 of a given year, will be able to determine it by way of a regulation.

In 2023, the fourteenth pension was PLN 2,650 gross for people who received benefits up to PLN 2,900 gross.

The fourteenth is free from any other – apart from income tax – deductions, e.g. from bailiffs' activities. It will also not be included in your income when applying for social assistance, alimony or child support 500 plus for dependent people.

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