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Fox vaccination campaign in Masovia. Since when? What should you watch out for?

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The autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies will last from November 4 to 15. Residents should exercise caution when taking pets for walks.

The campaign covers the entire Masovian Voivodeship. The Masovian Voivodeship Veterinary Officer is responsible for its coordination. As during previous campaigns, the vaccine will be placed manually and dropped from planes into forests, fields and meadows. Discharges will not cover water reservoirs, roads and built-up areas.

Dogs on leashes, cats locked up

The vaccines will be placed in a brown and green disc-shaped bait. For two weeks after its introduction, dogs should be kept on a leash and cats should be kept indoors. Any contact of an animal with the vaccine should be reported to a veterinarian.

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People should also not touch the vaccine. Foxes will not accept it if they smell a human scent. Any resident who may have contact with the vaccine should contact a medical doctor.

The entire conversation with the doctor. vet. Krzysztof Jażdżewski TVN24

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