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France, Alain Delon. A battle in the family of an icon of French cinema

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Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s former guardian, claims that the life of the 88-year-old actor, an icon of French cinema, “is in danger.” This is believed to be related to the interruption of his treatment. In the background of the case there is a conflict between the actor’s children, mutual accusations between them and the division of their father’s property.

Alain Delon’s eldest son, Anthony, accused his half-sister Anouchka in an interview for Paris-Match magazine of hiding his father’s poor health and neglecting him. The information was confirmed by Delon’s younger son – Alain-Fabien, accusing Anouchka of hindering contacts with his father, who currently lives in Switzerland.

The siblings also accuse each other in interviews given to television stations. According to the sons, Delon was left alone by their sister and is even considering suicide.

In turn, the lawyer of the actor and Anouschka – Christophe Ayel – asked Anthony publicly whether he wanted his father dead. In an interview for the newspaper “La Tribune du Dimanche”, the lawyer stated that Delon did not expect such reproaches against his daughter, adding that: “all these stories and media accusations have a terrible impact on the father’s health.”

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Alain Delon. Photo from 2021IAN LANGSDON/EPA/PAP

In the background of the case, the division of property

The media speculates that the conflict between Delon’s children may result from division of property, which was proposed by Delon. After the actor’s death, Anthony’s share in the inheritance will be 25 percent, as will his younger brother Alain-Fabien, and his daughter Anouchka – 50 percent. “Anouchka has always had a special relationship with her father. Alain Delon has never hidden his turbulent relationship with his son, about whom he never stops complaining,” the lawyer reports, pointing out that Anthony “positions himself as a victim and appeals to the media to spread this information.” .

A week ago, Anouchka Delon filed a complaint against her brother Anthony for “defamation”, “slander”, “threats” and “harassment”.

In turn, the actor’s former guardian, Japanese Hiromi Rollin, accuses his children of ending their father’s treatment, which led to the deterioration of his health. Rollin was fired in July from her job at the Douchy estate, where she lived with the actor and took care of him.

“My fears were confirmed by Anouchka and her lawyer. They said they stopped treatment at the end of August. Alain’s life is in danger. I am not afraid to say that he is in danger of death,” Rollin warned in an interview for RTL.

Over the summer, the actor’s children accused Rollin of being physically abusive to him and isolating him from his family. The children caused the babysitter to be fired.

Main photo source: IAN LANGSDON/EPA/PAP

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