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France and Germany want to allow Ukraine to attack Russia. However, other allies do not agree to this

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– Ukraine should have the right to attack targets in Russia that are used to attack Ukraine – said the French president. The German Chancellor has a similar opinion. However, there is no unanimity in the West on this matter. Even the Americans are against it. There is a fear that such consent for Kiev could result in an escalation and spilling of the conflict beyond Ukraine. This is what Moscow is threatening.

For a long time, Germany set a condition for Ukraine: we will provide you with weapons if they are not used to attack targets in Russia. Now Chancellor Olaf Scholz is softening his stance. Together with French President Emmanuel Macron, they agree: Western weapons can destroy rocket launchers deployed in Russia if the missiles fired from them hit Ukrainian cities.

– Ukraine was attacked and has the right to defend itself. I am surprised when some say that it should not be allowed to defend itself and use the means appropriate for it, says Olaf Scholz. – How can we explain to the Ukrainians that we will protect their cities, including Kharkov, if at the same time we tell them that they are not allowed to attack places from which rockets are fired. We tell them: “We are providing you with weapons, but you cannot defend yourself,” argues the French president.

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Both leaders specify that Ukraine should still refrain from attacking other targets on Russian territory with Western weapons, but a clear dividing line is already being drawn in the West on this issue. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg are calling for allowing Ukraine to attack targets deep inside Russia. Italy and the United States, among others, do not agree to this.

– There are no changes to our policy at this time. We do not encourage or authorize the use of weapons we have provided for attacks on Russian territory, said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said that “the West is playing with fire” because attacks with Western weapons on targets located in Russia allegedly threaten to trigger a global conflict.

Vladimir Putin wants to show that he is winning the war with Ukraine, but also the war of nerves with the WestJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

Hungary against helping Ukraine

At the same time, Putin's European allies are still trying to torpedo arms supplies to Kiev. During Monday's meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries, Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto was under fire for blocking support for Ukraine financed from the European Peace Facility. The heads of diplomacy of Poland, Germany, Estonia and Lithuania were to create a common front against Hungary.

– We must be transparent about Hungary's behavior. We looked at it case by case. It turned out that 41 percent of EU resolutions on Ukraine were blocked by Hungary, emphasizes Gabrielius Landsbergis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

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In an editorial comment, the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” wrote about Hungary and its prime minister: “Orban is behaving in Brussels like a Russian agent. This constant obstruction can no longer be fully explained by internal political motives, a certain worldview is visible here. Orban has made a choice between the attacked a democracy that is certainly not flawless, but is Europe-oriented and an aggressive, imperialist autocracy.

The Hungarian authorities did not seem to care about this criticism. Orban's right-hand man, Peter Szijjarto, appeared in Minsk. He announced the adoption of the Hungarian-Belarusian nuclear cooperation agreement. He also expressed outrage when asked about the possibility of training Ukrainian troops by soldiers from NATO countries. – I am disgusted by the statements that EU and NATO countries would send soldiers to Ukraine – said the head of Hungarian diplomacy.

This visit once again raises questions about why anyone in Western Europe, including Poland, still wants to cooperate with the government in Budapest.

Prof.  Timothy Garton Ash: we were dealing with a process of orbanization, now there is deorbanization

Prof. Timothy Garton Ash: we were dealing with a process of orbanization, now there is deorbanizationTVN24

Russia could gain influence on the entire political scene in Austria

According to the Brussels-based “Politico”, the Kremlin's tentacles in Central Europe also reach Hungary's neighbor – Austria. The portal published an extensive text which shows that Russia could have gained influence on the entire political scene of this country by infiltrating Austrian counterintelligence six years ago. An important tool in the hands of the Kremlin was the far-right, pro-Russian Freedom Party of Austria – currently number one in the polls.

– We know that Russia has been quite generous in handing out money to support various types of ultra-right political formations, starting with Marine Le Pen. (…) In fact, they owe debts to the Kremlin and must follow orders so that these debts are not collected – points out Piotr Niemczyk, former director of the Analysis and Information Office of the State Protection Office.

In a high-profile investigation into Russian influence and corruption in the European Parliament, police searched offices in Brussels and Strasbourg on Wednesday. Unofficially, these are several employees of Maximillian Krah, an AfD politician. A few weeks ago, one of his assistants was already accused of spying for China.

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