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France. Annual march in memory of 24-year-old who lost his life in custody in 2016, banned this year by authorities

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Authorities in France have banned an annual march in memory of 24-year-old black man Adam Traore, who died in police custody in 2016, a correspondent for The Guardian newspaper reported.

A march scheduled for Saturday in memory of Traore, who his family says was pinned to the ground by officers and died of suffocation, has been banned by the police chief of the Oise Valley department in the Ile-de-France region.

It was stated that the demonstration could cause unrest due to the recent riots in France after the death at the hands of a policeman, 17-year-old Nahel. Police believe there could be a “disturbing element” at the march for Traore.


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But Justice for Traore campaigners say banning Saturday’s march could only exacerbate tensions caused by what they say are police brutality and racism. They reported that the manifestations in memory of the man were always peaceful.

Tensions in France

The French government believes that the riots that have tormented the country recently have calmed down, among other things. thanks to the tough approach of the authorities. Hundreds of people received the harshest possible prison sentences after being brought to trial in a summary trial. The justice ministry demanded a “decisive, firm and systematic” response from the courts.

Of the more than 3,500 people arrested, 60 percent had no previous criminal convictions and a third were under 18, the Guardian reported. More than 380 people were sentenced to prison in the first few days of the accelerated trials.

According to published on Thursday poll of the daily “Le Figaro” 84 percent. of the French condemn the escalation of violence after Nahel’s death, and 77 percent The French are in favor of financial penalties for the families of the rioters. Public support for the police remains at 64%, while for the government only 27%.

Main photo source: OLIVIER MATTHYS/PAP/EPA

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