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France. Barry the dinosaur will be up for sale. Its remains are 150 million years old

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A nearly complete Camptosaurus skeleton will be auctioned in Paris next month. The remains of a herbivorous dinosaur are 150 million years old.

The skeleton of Camptosaurus, which was found in the 1990s in the US state of Wyoming, is 150 million years old. The dinosaur dates back to the late Jurassic period and measures 2.1 meters high and five meters long. It was named “Barry” after Barry James, the paleontologist who discovered it.

Dinosaur CamptosaurusReuters

“The skull is 90 percent complete.”

According to Reuters, the dinosaur skeleton can be sold for 1.2 million euros. The auction will take place on October 20 at the Hôtel Drouot auction house in Paris.

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Alexandre Giquello from the Paris auction house where the sale will take place, said the dinosaur’s skeleton was very well preserved. – The skull is 90 percent complete and the rest of the dinosaur is 80 percent complete, said Giquello.

Dinosaur fossils for sale are rare. In April, for the first time in Europe, it was sold at auction Tyrannosaurus rex.

“I am concerned that the skeletons, which are very valuable from a scientific point of view, may disappear into the vaults of private collectors,” said Steve Brusatte, a dinosaur expert at the University of Edinburgh.

Main photo source: Reuters

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