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France. Blind 97-year-old woman in La Rochelle could be evicted because she’s in arrears with her rent

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A 97-year-old blind woman could soon be evicted from her home in La Rochelle, France, where she has lived for 60 years. According to the property owner, the woman has been in arrears with several thousand euros of rent since 2017. The case went to court.

French media write about a 97-year-old woman who may soon be evicted from her house in La Rochelle in the west Francewhere he has lived for “decades”. The eviction is to be possible from August 16, because the department of Charente-Maritime approved it on July 6, BFM reported. The woman’s lawyer, François Drageon, however, believes it is a “cynical” procedure and has called on lawyers across the country to show their support so that the eviction order can be stopped. The AFP agency specifies that the 97-year-old has lived in the same house in La Rochelle for 60 years.

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France. The 97-year-old may be evicted

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According to the BFM, in 2018 the owner of the property sued a 97-year-old woman, demanding that she be evicted on the grounds that she was in arrears with several thousand euros in rent. In 2019, the court in La Rochelle, and in 2020 also the court of appeal, ruled in favor of the owner.

Marie-Elise Tilly, from the Charente-Maritime department, clarified that the woman had not paid rent since 2017. Cited by AFP, she said that the old woman was offered two new places to live, but she refused. According to AFP, the woman was told that if she couldn’t find a place to live, she could call 115 for the homeless.

Drageon, the woman’s lawyer, said on Facebook that he intends to file a motion with the court on July 27 for the 97-year-old and ask for a three-year hold on the eviction. He stated that the woman had received documents 10 years ago informing her of the increase in rent, but she did not understand them, so she paid him at the old rate.

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