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France. Broken “cordon sanitaire”. Calls for resignation

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The head of the far-right National Union (RN), Jordan Bardella, announced an “agreement” with the right-wing Republican group. Due to the support for cooperation, there are growing calls among Republicans for the resignation of its leader, Eric Ciotti.

– I confirm that there will be an agreement between the National Union and the Republicans. There will be a number of Republican deputies leaving the current parliament or candidates fielded who will be supported by the National Union, said Jordan Bardella.

The head of the far-right National Union (RN), who is the far-right's candidate for prime minister, spoke of “many dozens” of Republican deputies.

The leader of the Republicans is asked to resign

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Earlier on Tuesday, the head of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti, spoke in favor of an alliance with the far-right party, causing a storm in his own party. According to some Republican politicians, Ciotti did not consult this decision with party authorities.

High-ranking politicians of the party, such as Senate President Gerard Larcher and the head of the Republican faction in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix, called for Ciotti's resignation.

Protest against the far right in FranceGUILLAUME HORCAJUELO/PAP/EPA

Words of criticism come from Republican deputies and mayors. Ciotti is accused of disloyalty, being guided by his own interests, or even treason. He has already announced that he will not resign.

The Chairman of the Republicans was openly supported by two politicians of his party: the head of the youth organization Guilhem Carayon and MP Christelle D'Intorni.

Broken “cordon sanitaire”

Ciotti is the first leader of the Gaullist party to break the “cordon sanitaire” – the rule that the far right is not allowed to cooperate, even at the local level. The head of the Republicans said on Tuesday that he rejects this term, which – in his opinion – is inconsistent with current realities.

Members of the government also commented on the matter. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin compared Ciotti's gesture to the signing of the Munich Agreement of 1938, and Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti said it was “handing (Marine) Le Pen to de Gaulle's party on a silver platter.”

In parliament which president Emmanuel Macron solved on Sunday, Republicans they had 61 deputies for 577 seats. According to survey published on Monday, before Ciotti's decision, after elections On June 30, the party could win 40-55 seats, and the National Union – 235-265. Two parties could potentially gain a majority in the next National Assembly.


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