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France. Claude Monet's painting targeted by climate activists. There is a sticker on the painting “Poppy Field”.

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One of the most famous paintings by the French impressionist Claude Monet has become the target of another campaign by climate activists. On Saturday in Paris, the activist pasted a card with a fictitious landscape showing drought on the work “Poppy Field” in Paris. The woman was detained.

This situation occurred at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, where the painting is exhibited. An activist of the ecological movement called Riposte Alimentaire stuck a piece of paper with a fictitious landscape on the canvas with the painting “Field of Poppies” by Claude Monet, which is not protected by glass. It was intended to represent the same field of poppies, but destroyed by the resulting drought global warming.

Activist detained

The action was announced by the Riposte Alimentaire movement itself on social media. He posted a video showing the activist's actions. The young woman is wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “+4 degrees Hell”. The idea is to warm the climate by 4 degrees Celsius – according to Riposte Alimentaire, this is to happen in southern Europe by 2100. The woman was detained.

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The painting returned to the exhibition

After inspection by a conservator, the work of the French impressionist was hung again. At the same time, the museum announced that it would file a complaint.

The movement organized similar actions in previous months. Activists declare that their goal is to draw attention to the effects climate change.

Main photo source: Riposte Alimentaire/AP/EastNews

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