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France. Destruction of surplus wine worth 200 million euros

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French authorities have announced they will spend 200 million euros to destroy surplus wine, AFP reported. The action of the French government is aimed at supporting producers and raising the prices of the drink.

Several major wine regions in Franceespecially Bordeaux, is facing difficulties due to problems related to changes in consumer habits, rising costs and the effects of COVID-19.

France will spend €200 million to destroy surplus wine

According to the local farmers’ association, the fall in demand for wine has led to overproduction, a sharp fall in prices and serious financial difficulties for one in three wine producers in the Bordeaux region. The South-West Languedoc region, the country’s largest wine-producing area known for its strong red wines, has also been hit hard by the decline in wine demand.

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Alcohol from damaged wine can be sold to companies for use in non-food products such as hand sanitizers, cleaning products or perfumes, Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau told reporters.

“We produce too much and the sale price is lower than the production price, so we lose money,” Jean-Philippe Granier of the Languedoc wine association told AFP.

In June, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the allocation of EUR 57 million to finance the liquidation of over 9,000 jobs. hectares of vines in the Bordeaux region. Other public funds are used to encourage grape growers to switch to other products, such as olives.

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