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France. Heat. The heat is pouring from the sky. Despite the heat, the mayor of Bordeaux does not use air conditioning

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In France, the heat never lets up. The temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius in places. Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of the municipality of Bordeaux, consistently does not use air conditioning because he pledged to do so before the voters, reported the daily Le Figaro.

France is experiencing the strongest heatwave of the summer. The temperature in the south of the country exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. 19 departments are on the highest red alert for scorching heat. Orange heat alerts have been issued in 62 departments, the Meteo-France state meteorological service said.

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As the daily “Le Figaro” explains, “the red alert corresponds to an exceptional episode of very high temperatures for an extended period of time. All services involved are mobilized to the maximum.” In some towns, municipal swimming pools are free for residents, in others their opening hours are extended, as in the case of museums or libraries.

The mayor gave up the air conditioning

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While the eco-friendly mayor of Bordeaux does not use refrigeration himself, he does not prevent his employees from doing so during the current heatwave that is affecting much of the country. Even though air conditioners cool rooms, their use contributes to global warming.

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On Thursday morning, the mayor of Hurmic went to meet the residents of the city most exposed to high temperature. He met, among others, city employees who help the elderly survive the heat.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo

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