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France: Historic parliamentary elections. Nationalists march to victory

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Centrist Presidential Renaissance Party together with her allies she gained in the last polls 20 percent support. Left-wing New Popular Front (NFP), although it set itself the goal of preventing the victory of the far right, gained approx. 29 proc..

Elections in France. Will the Far Right Take Power?

Polling stations in France opened at 8 a.m. Voting will end at 6 p.m. in smaller towns and at 8 p.m. in large cities, including Paris. Exit polls will be announced, but they will not fully determine the final number of seats for individual parties.

The elections are held in 577 electoral districts according to majority rule. In the first round, those candidates who receive 50 percent votes with a turnout of not less than 25 percent of voters in the district, automatically win. This doesn't usually happen and that's why it will happen in most districts second tourscheduled for July 7. All candidates who received more than 12.5 percent of eligible voters will advance to the poll. Ultimately, the candidate who receives the most votes wins.

The elections are considered historicbecause they could result in a government formed by the far right. It is not clear whether National Union (RN) will win an absolute majority in parliament allowing for independent government, or only a strong relative majority. An absolute majority is 289 seats. Some, but not all, polls predicted that the RN would exceed this threshold. There are 577 seats in the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly.

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France. The first early elections in years

RN candidate for prime minister, 28-year-old Jordan Bardellahas announced so far that he will only take office if his party is able to govern alone. If that happens, France will experience cohabitation – co-governance of the Prime Minister and the President from different political options. Macron's term ends in 2027 and the president has so far announced that he will not step down if his political camp loses in the elections.

Polls predict high turnout – about 67 percentThe previous parliamentary elections in 2022 saw a 47.5% turnout. There are 49 million voters eligible to vote. These are the first early elections in France since 1997. Macron called them, dissolving the current parliament after the far-right won the French European elections on June 9 in a landslide.

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