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France. Mustard may soon run out of stores, there are already problems

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There is a shortage of mustard in France. Store shelves are empty, dozens of customers are willing to buy a popular product directly from manufacturers, and a well-known chain of hypermarkets denies rumors that it hid mustard to increase its price. The shortage was mainly caused by droughts.

In most stores we France the mustard shelves were empty. According to the French portal francetvinfo, in selected places where mustard is still available, there are signs informing that sales have been “limited to one jar per person”. Supermarket chain Intermarché apologized for the inconvenience, explaining that it was “a drought in Canada“and” conflict Russia with Ukraine “caused a shortage. Carrefour hypermarket chain was forced to deny rumors circulating on Twitter that it was stocking up mustard stocks to raise its prices.

Climate change is responsible for the crisis

The average French citizen eats around one kilogram of mustard each year, making the Loire country the world’s largest consumer of this product. The mustard from Dijon, the historic capital of Burgundy, is particularly popular with the French. However, the mustard grains from which mustard is made now come mainly from Canada, where the drought has decimated the harvest.

Diżońska mustard, popular in France, is produced mainly from mustard seeds imported from CanadaShutterstock

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A heatwave in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan slashed seed production by 50 percent last year, while high temperatures hit smaller harvests in Burgundy.

Dozens of phone calls a day from mustard seekers

According to Luc Vandermaesen, director of the Reine de Dijon mustard factory and president of the Burgundy Mustard Association, at least 80 percent of the mustard seeds used in the production of French Dijon mustard now come from Canada. – The main problem is climate changesand the result is this scarcity. We cannot respond to the orders we receive and retail prices are rising by up to 25 percent, reflecting the soaring cost of seeds, he told The New York Times.

“If you click on the picture, you’ll see where the mustard should be,” wrote a customer of one of the French stores

He admits that his company receives at least 50 calls a day from people who need mustard. Although the label does not sell retail, there are cases of people who even come to the company’s headquarters in search of mustard. According to Vandermaesen, the crisis on the mustard market, in addition to the reduced yields, was also influenced by Russia’s war with the Ukraine – both countries are large producers of one of the mustard species. The mustard produced from them is popular, among others in Germany and Hungary.

“Burgundy has made a concerted effort to increase production, even if it could not match the very large production areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan,” says Vandermaesen. Apart from the heat, one of the problems of Burgundian producers is the European Union ban on the use of an insecticide that has long been used to fight insects.

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