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France Paris. Higher parking fees for SUVs

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SUV drivers will pay more for parking in Paris. The changes are to enter into force on January 1, 2024. In this way, the city hall wants to reduce pollution in the French capital and reduce its carbon footprint, the portal of the British daily “The Guardian” reported.

Paris councilors last month decided that the size and weight of the vehicle and engine capacity would be taken into account when setting parking charges. No details have been published yet.

Electric vehicles and large families requiring a larger car are expected to avoid increased charges that will come into effect on 1 January 2024, The Guardian reported.

In Paris, SUV drivers will pay more for parking

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David Belliard, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of public space and mobility policy, said SUVs are not suited to the urban environment. – There are no dirt paths, mountain roads here. SUVs are absolutely useless in Paris. Worse, they are dangerous and too many resources are used to produce them.

Data from the Paris department of communications show that the number of SUVs in the city has increased by 60 percent. in the last four years and now they account for as much as 15 percent. Paris cars.

In proposing an increase in tolls for large vehicles, Belliard noted that since 1960, vehicle weight has increased by an average of 62% and width by 14%. “But our public space cannot be enlarged,” stressed the deputy mayor of Paris.

Earlier, a similar decision was made by Lyon councillors.

The Lyon authorities have also decided to introduce a similar parking fee system from next year. Grenoble is expected to join this group.

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