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France. She was drinking coffee when a meteorite hit her

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It is possible that a meteorite fell on a woman in France. The rock fragment was so small that at first it appeared to be a chipped part of the roof. As experts have explained, the risk of being hit by a meteorite is really microscopic.

According to Newsweek, the incident took place on July 6 in the town of Schirmeck in north-eastern France. A woman was sitting on the terrace drinking coffee with her friend. At one point, she heard a bang coming from the roof and felt a small object hit her ribs.

Cosmic “piece of roof”

In an interview with local media, the woman said she initially thought she had been hit by a small animal or a piece of mortar.

The woman took the mysterious stone to the roofer, who said that it was not made of cement, but looked like a meteorite. Thus, the shard ended up in the hands of geologist Thierry Rebmann. The expert said the rock – probably a mixture of iron and silicon – could be a meteorite.

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The object will be analyzed to see if it really has a cosmic origin.

Almost improbable

Although according to estimates NASA About 45 tons of space rock fall to Earth each year, most of it ending up in the oceans, which cover over 70 percent of our planet.

The most famous story of a meteorite impact comes from the state of Alabama. In 1954, a three-kilogram piece of space rock fell through the roof of Ann Hodges’ house and hit her thigh.

Meteorites and meteorsZiemienowicz Adam/PAP

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Main photo source: Facebook/Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace – DNA

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