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France. Someone poisoned the racing dogs, hid the poison in meatballs

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Initial investigations indicate poisoning was the cause of the deaths of three dogs during a dog race in the south of France, the local prosecutor’s office said. The poison was supposed to be hidden in meatballs that were tossed at the animals. Police are investigating, and so far no one has been arrested in connection with the case.

The incident happened on Sunday, March 13, during the French Canicross competition organized in the town of Vauvert in the department of Gard. Prosecutor Cecile Gensac told CNN that when police arrived on the scene, they found the bodies of three animals on the racing grounds, as well as one dog that survived but was seriously ill.

An initial police investigation showed that the three dogs who died became ill about 15 minutes after eating meatballs dumped at the competition site. Gensac noted that the surviving quadruped only licked one of the meatballs. As the prosecutor added, inside the meat, more of which was found at the site, there were “black balls” that are currently being analyzed. The prosecutor’s office noted in its statement that the veterinarian summoned to the scene immediately stated that it could have been poisoned.

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Oslo, Palma and Opale are dead

The Fédération des Sports et Loisirs Canins (FSLC), the organizer of the competition where the tragedy occurred, said it had filed a request to open an investigation into the matter. According to CNN, Mayor Vauvert also submitted a request to prosecute the perpetrator or perpetrators of the incident. Whoever poisoned the dogs faces up to five years in prison and a fine of PLN 75,000. euro.

“Last weekend a particularly heinous act hit our sport,” FSCL president Yvon Lasbleiz said in a post on the FSCL Facebook page. Later in the entry, he informed that the dead dogs were named Oslo, Palma and Opale. “Your guardians have lost unconditional love,” Lasbleiz said.

He added that the fourth of the poisoned dogs, Togo, is recovering. “He is able to walk, although he has small cramps. However, he seems to be coping” – said the president of the FSLC.

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CNN, Federation des Sports et Loisirs Canins

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