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France. The government presented a program to combat poverty – Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne details it

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The French government has developed a plan to combat poverty. Social organizations consider the solutions proposed in the “Solidarity Pact” to be insufficient when 15 percent of French people live in poverty. LaGazette wrote about the details.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented to non-governmental organizations on Monday an overview of the new poverty alleviation plan. The “Solidarity Pact”, which contains 25 measures, is to enter into force on January 1, 2024.

The French government wants to fight poverty

The “Solidarity Pact” is a “reaction to today’s crisis situation related to… inflation” – said Prime Minister Borne. Many measures have already been announced, others require clarification – emphasized the head of government, pointing out that one of the main elements of the plan will be preferential loans for the poorest, including co-financing house insulation.

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The government also offers additional support for families in the form of free breakfasts in some schools and meals for 1 euro. – A child born into a family from the lowest 20% income group has a one-third chance of staying there as an adult – emphasized the head of government.

The government also wants to reward unemployed people who find employment. It intends to introduce a “business resumption bonus” in 2025. The Prime Minister assured that additional social housing for 100,000 people would be built. people per year and 203 thousand accommodation places. She also promised several dozen million euros to support an organization distributing food and meals.

In France approximately 9 million people, i.e. 15 percent society, are considered poor according to the criteria of the National Statistical Institute (Insee).

Critical organizations

Non-governmental organizations present at the meeting at the Prime Minister’s office found the plan insufficient due to the high inflation that is hitting households. Food prices increased by 11% during the year.

– The government’s actions are a response to an emergency situation related to galloping inflation, but we do not see how this strategy will be successful in reducing poverty – commented Noam Leandri, president of the Alerte collective of 34 associations fighting poverty. – The lack of an increase in minimum social benefits is a cold shower – emphasized Leandri.

In particular, the associations call for an increase in the social minimum, an increase in housing assistance (APL) and a regularization of the status of workers without official work permits in sectors where there is a labor shortage.

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