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France. The owner will not clean up after the dog – the police will track him down by the dog’s genetic passport

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According to the proposal of the city of Béziers in the south of France, all dogs there should have genetic passports. This is to help fight feces lying on the streets and force owners to clean up after their pets.

The plan of the mayor of the village, Robert Ménard, is reported by the French media, followed by the British Guardian. The former journalist and co-founder of Reporters Without Borders says residents are fed up with dog poop on the streets. “We have to punish (owners) to behave better,” the portal quotes him as saying to France Bleu radio.

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Genetic passports will help in the fight against dog feces

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According to the described project, pet owners will be required to visit a veterinarian. There, a sample of the animal’s saliva will be taken, which will then be subjected to a genetic test, and on its basis, the so-called. genetic passport. If the owner does not have such a passport for his dog, he will pay a fine of EUR 38 (approx. PLN 170). Thanks to the passport, if city services find dog droppings on the pavement or street, they will be able to test them and compare the result with the register. The owner identified in this way will have to pay – as announced by the mayor – a penalty of EUR 122 (over PLN 540).

The project was submitted to the local prefecture and there was no objection to it. “This must be done and not only in Béziers … We must punish people to behave properly,” the media quotes the mayor. He added that city services collect a thousand or even more feces from the streets a month. According to the mayor, the experiment is expected to last until July 2025. As he assures, guests of the town will be treated “with some leniency”. Of course, if they finally clean up after their dog. As he emphasized, “foreigners are not a problem, it’s the locals who don’t clean.”

The Guardian reminds that similar ideas are emerging in the UK. DNA databases to help fight dog feces in Flintshire near Liverpool.

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